Monday, March 23, 2009

MON 3/23: Films, Music

A pretty decent Monday selection -- it's some free entertainment and the


MON 3/23

"The Best of Jazz on Film"
at Distler Performance Hall, Granoff Music Center, 20 Talbot Ave, Medford (Tufts campus)

Lewis Porter is a pianist, music professor (Rutgers), and author who apparently has collected large personal stash of classic jazz performance films. I'd bet even the most hardcore jazzbo will see some rare, jawdropping clip tonight.

MON 3/23

The White Owls (8pm), The Tim Gearan Band (10:30pm)
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

The White Owls are killer blues squad that has Dennis Brennan ripping through classic tunes with yet another set of top-notch players. The guy who anchors Monday nights at Toad, Tim Gearan is far from getting stale. His deep, soulful vocals and guitar-playing are surrounded by bluesy/rootsy/rock band with horns.

If one needed a good reason to go out on a Monday night, these are two good ones.

MON 3/23

Stargraph, Forsythe
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Stargraph lists Echo & the Bunnymen and The Jesus & Mary Chain among their influences. Well, they certainly understand where their music comes from. It should be a good night.

As much as Stargraph does a new, new wave really well; Forsythe has a sonorous folk-noir vibe. The other-wordly vocals are not unlike Mr. Sister who may or may not be playing, but Amelia Emmet (of Mr. S) also performs with Forsythe. (It might be a guess but brother-sister team Emily and Glenn Forsythe might have outvoted the rest of the band when choosing the name...)

MON 3/23

Various Times
Boston Underground Film Festival
at Kendall Square Cinema, 1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge (Kendall Sq, duh)
$8 (per show)

The awards were given out last night, but it looks like all of the programs will be shown again through Thursday. If I knew the winners, I'd let you know. Take a look at the descriptions, and see if something appeals to you. Any of these are weirder or more intense than what's usually showing around town (even the documentaries).

5:30pm -- "Golgotha" w/ "Attackazoids!"
5:45pm -- "Radical Jesters" w/ "Creative Violation: The Rebel Art Of The Street Stencil", "Outside Agitator", "Start From Zero: Profile Of An Artist"
7:30pm -- "Paranoia (Does It Annoy Ya?)"
7:45pm -- "Modern Love Is Automatic" w/ "Doctor Reddy"
9:30pm -- "Plague Town" w/ "H5n1"
9:45pm -- "Bad Biology" w/ "Far Out"
If you want to see spend the next 4 nights melting your mind at the Kendall, there's a $25 weekday pass option available online or at the the box office.

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