Monday, March 30, 2009

TUES 3/31: Some Talk, Some Rock

So I went to the MBTA meeting last night, and it was interesting in a dry-policy-wonk way. The bad news is that the possibility of service cuts and fare increases if the gas tax isn't implemented by July 1st.

It's clear that the T works in murky, secretive ways; but the good news is that there are motivated citizens banging their heads against the proverbial wall in hopes of breaking through.

Your frustrations are being aired by people who want to make a difference. They want you to contact your state representatives (find their info), and tell them how you feel about the T and the gas tax.

(I wrote a full post on Bostonist.)


TUES 3/31

Josh Silver, "Take Back the Media: Policy, Protest, and Protecting American Democracy": Lecture
at Boston Athenaeum, 10 1/2 Beacon St, Boston (Beacon Hill)

If there's one issue that unites liberals and conservatives, it's the whole hearted belief that the mainstream media is out to screw them and favors the other side. There are big-picture thinkers on both sides like Noam Chomsky, MIT linguist, and... uhh... Bill O'Reilly, former host of "Inside Edition"? (Hey, Bill. I know Fox tries its best to be a fringe, partisan news source; but it might still qualify as "Mainstream Media".

Josh Silver is a co-founder of Free Press, a media policy reform that works to get more information in our radio and TV news. There should be something for every angry news-viewer to come away with... And it could be a mild buzz, because there's a reception following the lecture.

Call 617-720-7600 to RSVP.

TUES 3/31

6pm to 7pm
Avi, "When Jesus Laughed: Historical Fiction - Religion, Readers and Reality"
at School of Mgmt. Auditorium, 595 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

This guy is probably a total nut (and beautiful soul), but that could make this so much more interesting... Avi mainly writes books aimed at young adults, and it seems like the young folks love them. This probably NOT a religious discussion, but a lecture about writing historical fiction.

TUES 3/31

The Pink Spiders (10:45pm), Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer (9:50pm), Man On Earth (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

I'd love for someone to tell me why I shouldn't like The Pink Spiders. I remember hearing their song "Little Razorblade" a few years ago and loving it. When I saw the video (must have been Fuse), they are really into their look -- but so were a lot of good bands. The Pink Spiders might have a lot of young female fans, but they make awesome power-pop songs with a punky edge that middle-aged geeks love. It's easy to hate a popular band, but these guys are still slogging it in the rock clubs. (Keep some coin saved for picking up a CD or shirt...)

After the first 15 seconds of listening to Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, I thought this was your average, generic pop-punk band. It would've been a shame when they have such a cool name. I was rewarded with deliciously vintage synths marrying with distorted guitars and a female lead singer spitting catchy mirth all over the place. I thought I was getting soft, until I listened to Man On Earth. They left me a bit cold. Sorry, MOE...

Glasvegas and Ida Maria are at the Paradise, but this is a damn good show for less (and that show is sold out).

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Anonymous said...

Definitely go check out The Pink Spiders tonight! Just saw them in Chicago and it was epic! Not much pink on stage, but tons of antics, banter, excellent music and sweat flying into the audience. Energy is high, bull is low. Love them!