Saturday, March 14, 2009

SUN 3/15: Things to do while Drinking(?)

If you didn't throw up on your Saturday pub crawl, there are some "green" things to do...


SUN 3/15

1pm to 4:30pm
St. Patrick's Day Parade
starts at: Broadway T Station to Andrews T Station, South Boston

Haven't been lately? It should drunkenly wind its way through Southie, but the cops claim they are going to crack down on public drinking more than ever before. Maybe they're bluffing, but I think they might be serious. They union has asked parading firefighters to stay sober while they're on the route. So be more discreet than plastic red cups or sneak into a house party...

Even though I'm a curmudgeon, everyone should go at least once. I normally go to the end of the route at Andrew T when everyone's good and sauced, it is more interesting (and crowded) down Broadway.

SUN 3/15

"The Art and Landscapes of Frederick Law Olmsted"
at Franklin Park Golf Club House, 1 Circuit Dr, Boston

Frederick Law Olmsted was a badass. We'll see his name around town at one site or another, but it's incredible how many historic & notable sites were designed by him. Such as Boston's entire emerald Necklace, Central Park, and the list goes on and on. Olmsted National Historic Site Ranger Alan Banks is going to give a talk and slide show about the guy. It should be a beautiful day to walk around Franklin Park (designed by Olmstead).

SUN 3/15

The Saints Of Patronage, Jason Bennett
at Sligo Pub, 237 Elm St, Somerville

Guess what? You'll hear the strains of acoustic Irishness and acoustic Boston punk, if you're drinking at Sligo.

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