Thursday, March 12, 2009

SAT 3/14: Cut & Paste -- Live Design/Art Battle!

Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament
at Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St, Boston (South End)
$15 online / $20 door / 18+

About two months ago, I told you about entering the Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament. It's a little bit over the usual $10 threshold, but I'm following up (The online price can even go down to $13.50 or $12, if you have 4 or 8 attendees.)

The contestants have been chosen, and hot graphics will be flying all over the place on Saturday.

Designers think they've had tough deadlines before, this looks like the whole deal is crammed in to the final minutes of a project. (Too corny?) Some of the best designers in Boston get on stage to compete in three categories (2D, 3D, Motion Graphics). Giant screens are set up for the crowd to monitor the spontaneous creation.

While an MC will keep the crowd informed and irritate the designers, DJ Volvox and DJ Die Young will keep the party going. I guess some people could ignore the visuals and just dance...

Maybe you're a graphic designer or maybe you'll just feel inspired -- audience members can design a t-shirt for 55DSL, an Italian fashion company and the winning might be made. The theme is "cosmic & psychedelic Wild West"...

The winners will go on to the championship held in June in (where else?) New York.

Free Ticket Opportunity: I can give away 5 tickets to Cut & Paste, so the first two people that provide some contact info can get "+1" and the third person gets one ticket. Sorry. That's all, folks...

Since I didn't have to hunt for the links...

2D contestants: Dan "Props" Amalbert, Kyle Brandse, Povilas Mecys, Matt W. Moore, Chris Piascik, Elise Porter, Mike Swartz, target="_blank"Ren Walker

3D contestants: Eric Whewell, Charles Crawford, Adam Ohern, Gustavo Fontana

Motion Graphics contestants: Nathan Smith, Don Days, Stu Chudy

Judges: Caleb Neelon, Jesse LeDoux, Clif Stolze, Dan McCarthy, Adam Larson, Katie Noyes, Richard Watson, James Morley Read, Ryan Lesser, Jan Kubasiewicz,Rory Keohane, Roy V. Simonds, Rosanna Flouty, Sven Fahlgren


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Congrats, Dan (+1)!


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Thanks for playing, everyone!


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whoops, looks like I missed this ticket opp!

thanks for continuing your awesome work of compiling the best of boston cheapness... I recommend this site to (pretty much)everyone.