Thursday, September 03, 2009

9/17: Text for Free Polyphonic Spree Show

7pm (doors open)
underCOVER: The Polyphonic Spree (9pm-ish), DJ Lord (8pm-ish)
at Paradise Rock Club, 967 Comm Ave, Boston (near BU)
FREE (with text message code) / 21+

We haven't heard much from The Polyphonic Spree for a little while. I listened to some stuff on MySpace, and they still sound like the giant hippie choir that we know and love.

The oh-so-tasty Southern Comfort is sponsoring the "underCOVER" concert series where artists emphasize songs that have influenced them.

What influences a veritable party of sound? You can get an idea from their version of Nirvana's "Lithium".

To keep things more than interesting, DJ Lord from Public Enemy is going to collide old and new shit together in what will probably provide a few "a-ha" moments. For the record, DJ Lord took over the turntables in Public Enemy after Terminator X left.

I saw them with DJ Lord at Lupo's, and it was friggin' amazing. (This was before Flavor Flav became a reality dating-show clown -- and he was actually in jail that night.)

How do you get in?

- Text “BOSTON” to 68405.
- You'll need to respond to a message with your birth date.
- After you reply, you'll get another text saying the entrance code will be sent to you (approx) 24 hours before show.
- Show the code on your phone to get in (along with valid ID).
This is probably a show where everybody gets the entry code, but they'll let people in "first-come, first-served"...

The bummer is that there may not be a Southern Comfort drink special. I went to a Jack Daniels concert at the same venue, and bourbon was not discounted.

Even though the cheapest drink will likely be PBR, you might get something. The event will:
...feature an illuminating UV surprise incorporating the stage, band, fans and the venue itself; a take-home limited edition show poster; and specially designed sunglasses for the UV reveal.

Attendees will also get to vote on-site for a song for the band to cover during the encore.
Sadly the Maxwell/House of Blues winner didn't have a great experience on Wednesday (more later, maybe). If you get there early enough, you should have a good time.

Southern Comfort has been around for 135 years. Happy anniversary, SoCo!

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