Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/20: Seasonal Party by the Charles

SUN 9/20

Revels RiverSing
over the Charles River, near the Weeks pedestrian bridge, Cambridge or Boston

The autumnal equinox is rapidly approaching, but I refuse to relinquish the summer. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy a celebration over the Charles River.

Listen and watch... Sing and watch... OR do all of that and more!

I got an email on Thursday, and it doesn't hurt to share the relevant part. Revels is still looking for some help.

Earn a few a few karmic points with Mother Nature -- and/or whoever else is out there -- by volunteering:

Are you a strong individual who can help carry lights or speakers or risers?

Do you know a strong individual who can help carry lights or speakers or risers (high school or college students who needs community hours, for example)?

We really need some strong individuals.

Would you be willing to bring some sandwiches or a pizza or chips or cookies to feed our crew? You can just drop the food off, or contact us and we'll arrange to pick it up.
As of last week, they were still looking for all sorts of help. If you contact me, I'll forward the email I received -- or email Jeanne directly and tell her you want to help.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of the magic...?

The fun starts at Winthrop Park beforehand with a parade to the river. Sure, it's going to be crowded by the Charles, but you'll find a spot.

Check out the "First Annual Urban-Ag Fair" at Winthrop Park until 4pm on Sunday.

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