Monday, September 28, 2009

TUES 9/29: Book & Songs

Rick Berlin
Not much cheapness today. If you really want to rock out, you might consider Ho-Ag, Jordan (on tour from France) and others at at O'Brien's.


TUES 9/29

7pm to 8pm
Jay Wexler, "Holy Hullabaloos: A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church/State Wars ": Reading
at Barnes and Noble, 660 Beacon St, Boston (Kenmore Sq)

You're probably going to see Jay Wexler on "The Daily Show" in the coming months, but he lives in town and he's reading from his book. He is a law professor at BU, but Wexler is also an occasional contributor at McSweeney's.

Written less like a text than a modern humor book, Wexler traveled around the country to explore milestones in the separation of church and state such as teaching evolution, praying in schools, and religious displays in public.

TUES 9/29

Rick Berlin, Ricky McLean
at Alchemist Lounge, 435 S. Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plain

If you really listen to Rick Berlin, his music will stay with you. Maybe not a particular song or melody, but there's a feeling you're unlikely to forget. After 30+ years on the Boston music scene, he continues to an influence. The songs are vivid (often autobiographical) tales delivered passionately solely with voice and keyboards.

Back at the old Milky Way Lounge, the Nickel and Dime Band was house band for the weekly "live karaoke" night. Vocalist/MC Ricky McLean showcases his own songs tonight.

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