Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TUES 9/1: Fitness, Readings, Film, Rock

Nurses, at Middle East tonight
Although I try not to mention too many book events on the same day, both of the events listed are more than just readings.

FYI: I have stuff listed for Wednesday and Thursday on the calendar. That should be construed as a good sign...


TUES 9/1

5:30pm to 7:30pm
Open House
at Fitness & Recreation Center, 915 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

I've listed the rock-climbing open houses before, so maybe you're thinking about "getting physical" or maybe you'd like to see what that would even entail since you don't even remember where your gym is located to cancel the monthly membership charge...

Observe or participate various activities tonight. As usual, there are more details on the website.

TUES 9/1

6pm to 8pm
Alice Feiring, "The Battle for Love and Wine": Discussion, Tasting, Etc
at Bottles, 372 Commercial St, Boston (North End)

Alice Feiring writes about wine and isn't afraid to have a opinion such as calling out other wine critics and declaring wine from her Long Island to be overrated. (From what I read, Feiring seems like she left Long Island for college and landed in Cambridge for a while.) Besides some talk and book-signing, there's going to be a tasting of about 5 or 6 wines.

You'll probably be the first person you know who's been to this new wine store in that top-right corner of North End. I read that some neighbors are freaked out about having another "liquor store", but this event leads me to think the neighbors are overreacting so consider giving them your support.

TUES 9/1

Ethan Gilsdorf, "Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms": Reading, Reception, Etc
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

Local author Ethan Gilsdorf has come clean about his Dungeons & Dragons adolescence but goes much further and investigates many facets of current gaming culture. I imagine this tome will help laymen understand their LARPing loved ones as well as provide gamers a better sense of their subculture.

The reading will include a trivia contest and an acoustic performance by Harry and the Potters (around 8:30pm). Prizes will given to those who come dressed as their "favorite fantasy character or creature (elf, orc, warrior, wizard, Harry Potter, etc)".

Snacks & beverages will also be served.

TUES 9/1

9pm to 10:30pm
"Tapas of Terror": Screening
at Savant Project, 1625 Tremont St, Boston
FREE (one drink minimum)

This was the horror-themed shorts program from Boston Underground Film Festival 2009 festival. Guest curator J. Cannibal who chose these 6 films (about 70 minutes running time) should be there tonight to host the screening. I found this quote by the scary man himself:

There are films here that made me laugh and clap, and a few that genuinely creeped me out. When you cut people open for a living it takes a lot to scare you, or make you laugh. Some of these images have stayed with me for weeks; I think horror fans will be very pleased.
I saw "Treevenge", one of the program's shorts, and it was very entertaining -- part-Chistmas story/part-horror/part-prison-camp-story/part-environmental-message film!


TUES 9/1

Throw Me the Statue, The Brunettes, Nurses
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$9 / 18+

If you're looking for music, I'd suggest a night of touring indie-pop from the Northwest and Oceania. Each band has the potential for being someone's new favorite band.

The songs of Throw Me the Statue do alternate between a powerpop vibe and something bit more new-wavey. I like them best when they remind me of Weezer grafted to a chamber-pop outfit.

Although I think of Flight of the Conchords when I see they're a duo from New Zealand, The Brunettes are kilometers away from Bret and Jemaine. They put a different spin on a cover of The Cure's "Love Song" when they turn it into a lo-fi, synthy tune a la Depeche Mode (unlike the unimaginative 311 version).

It seems like the singer in Nurses does a delicate tightrope dance to keep his vocals slightly off-kilter while staying connected to the musical key. These Portland-via-Idaho guys put together a trippy canvas colored by gentle harmonies and economical instrumentation; there's something special in here.

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