Monday, February 27, 2012

2/28 to 3/6: *Almost* Last 4 MBTA Meetings

This is it, folks. After almost two month of meetings.

There is still a chance to stand up against service cuts and fare hikes. Mainly service cuts... Or mainly fare hikes...

Update: Besides the Cambridge venue change, the MBTA website lists an extended meeting schedule that includes Haverhill (3/5), Revere (3/6), Fitchburg (3/7), Hull (3/7), and Brighton (3/12).


TUES 2/28

6pm to 8pm
Somerville High School Auditorium, 81 Highland Avenue
WED 2/29
6pm to 8pm
Cambridge City Hall Council Chambers, 795 Mass Ave

6pm to 8pm
Cambridge Citywide Senior Center, 806 Mass Ave
(Thanks, C'port resident!)
THUR 3/1
6pm to 8pm
Government Center Auditorium, 119 School Street, Waltham
TUES 3/6
6pm to 8pm
Massasoit Community College, Liberal Arts Building, Lecture Hall LA 560
1 Massasoit Boulevard, Brockton

At that time, I offered a few ideas on how to express yourself and/or effect change regarding the potential fare increases/service reductions (including holding fundraisers, which could be fun/funny/provocative event).

However I forgot to mention the The T Riders' Union who have been active on general MBTA issues. And now they have an online petition.

Someone named "Sean" later commented on the original post:
I suggest those of us who want sustained, if not improved public transit in Greater Boston, take a cold, hard look at not just protesting, but proposing what it is that we do support to fix the T's finances. That is, if want decent, or even improved transit, we do have to pay for it somehow.


Mass Inc., a non-partisan think-tank has some truly reasonable and realistic proposals; backed by cold-hard data that I believe we all should take a good look at, and debate.

[another snip]
The whole thing is at the bottom.

Personally, I felt better after I spoke at a meeting and asked a few questions...


C'port resident said...

The Cambridge hearing on Wednesday was relocated to the Council Chambers of the Cambridge City Hall (795 Massachusetts Ave.) due to expected high turnout.

rob v said...

Thanks for the update, C'port resident. I should've double-checked for changes...