Monday, February 06, 2012

2/6 to 2/8: This Week's MBTA Meetings

The complete list of sessions through TUES 3/6 is on my original post (along with links to relevant "Discussion Guide", etc.

MON 2/6

5pm to 7pm
Lowell City Hall Council Chambers, 375 Merrimack Street
TUES 2/7
6pm to 8pm
Lynn City Council Chambers, 3 City Hall Square
WED 2/8
4:30pm to 6:30pm
Shriners Hospital Auditorium, 51 Blossom St, Boston (behind MGH)

6pm to 8pm
Hingham Town Hall, Central Meeting Room, 210 Central Street
At that time, I offered a few ideas on how to express yourself and/or effect change regarding the potential fare increases/service reductions (including holding fundraisers, which could be fun/funny/provocative event).

However I forgot to mention the The T Riders' Union who have been active on general MBTA issues.

Someone named "Sean" later commented:
I suggest those of us who want sustained, if not improved public transit in Greater Boston, take a cold, hard look at not just protesting, but proposing what it is that we do support to fix the T's finances. That is, if want decent, or even improved transit, we do have to pay for it somehow.


Mass Inc., a non-partisan think-tank has some truly reasonable and realistic proposals; backed by cold-hard data that I believe we all should take a good look at, and debate.

[another snip]
The whole thing is at the bottom.

Personally, I felt better after I spoke at a meeting and asked a few questions...

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