Monday, February 13, 2012

MON 2/13: RSVP to Jameson Tasting

FYI: Plenty o' Monday cheapness on the calendar.


MON 2/13

"Jameson Signature Event"
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)

There was no webpage I could find, but I got the info from a reliable source. What I didn't get was lots of details, but I've been to this type of event.

They usually start you off with a glass of whiskey, then an 'ambassador' will tell you about the Jameson history and how awesome their spirits are.

Three or four different whiskeys might be tasted. Or they may share a few mixed drinks that are great with Irish whiskey.

St. Paddy's Day is around the corner, and there is more to Irish party time than Guinness.

Send an email, and they may have space...

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