Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cheap Valentine Ideas

Since V-Day is next week, I offer some tips that are basically the same tips as last year.

It's one of those artifical holidays, and I believe in expressing affection throughout the year. However you might be in need of some ideas for next Tuesday.

My hope is not to act like a cheap bastard -- but to maximize the experience for the effort whether it's time or money.

So even though the Kinsale may have a 2-for-1 entree deal, cooking for your lover would probably be more romantic.

Maybe I'll come up with better ideas. Does anyone have suggestions?

FYI: Wednesday's cheapness is on the calendar.


* Write a note of adoration in 25 words or less. Brevity is forceful, there's less opportunity to screw it up. Make it a haiku for poetic flair. Use some creative paper (and creative doesn't have to be fancy)...

* Why write something when you can use previously-tested literary panty-droppers?

* If none of those don't feel right and you can't find something appropriate on this page filled with love poems, then you have to write something original.

* Just look into their eyes, and say something heartfelt.

* Maybe a little image with some text may do the trick.

* SomeEcards has the best cynical messages for this and every occasion.

* Digital valentine candy is fun, low calorie, sustainable, and cheap:

* Get a jug of wine and incense; call it "60s free love night".

* Have a movie night and make up a sexy game -- for example, "Drive": whenever there is a car scene, someone has to close their eyes and pretend the other person is Ryan Gosling...

* Have an indoor picnic of any kind. Even if you get fancy stuff, it'll probably be cheaper and no reservation is required.

* When was the last time you gave a massage?

* If you're going to give a present, consider supporting an independent store of any kind (some hints).

* Spread the love, go with the "heart" theme and give blood together.

* I like making a mix CD.

* Of course a good, old-fashioned shag is nice any time of year...


Anonymous said...

We like to buy lobsters in chinatown. It's cheap compared to a meal out, but still an indulgence. Serve with a $10 bottle of cava!

rob v said...

Yes, a $9/$10 bottle of cava is always a good budget celebration!

I remember going to a market on Beach St in Chinatown with a wide seafood selection.