Saturday, February 16, 2008

SUN 2/17 to SUN 2/24: Darkbuster's 3rd Annual Hometown Throwup

Bostonist is one of my favorite sites, and now they post some of my stuff. I offer a slightly different format of the Darkbuster post for my blog...

9pm (last show at 2pm)
Darkbuster's 3rd Annual Hometown Throwup
at Harpers Ferry, 158 Brighton Avenue, Allston
$10 / 18+ (last show: All Ages)
$50 All-show Pass available

Yes, the title is a parody on The Bosstones' annual show that they recently revived, but Darkbuster is giving playful homage to their friends. They even played one night of the Hometown Throwdown in December.

Darkbuster started their own multi-show tradition with a similar idea to create something special for local fans. Their profile is rising with two CD's under their cap and hundreds of shows around the States (and 24-date European tour next month). Their feral sonic assault epitomizes classic Boston street-punk, but they throw in other punk flavors as well as ska and country to keep you guessing. Much of the lyrics demonstrate their sense of humor and fun-lovin attitude. Oft-described as drunk-punks for songs such as "Whiskey Will", "Cheap Wine", "Lenny's A Drunk", and a tributes to the 'great' American brews simply titled "Bud" and "Miller". (Miller High Life is sponsoring the Throwup, so don't be shy to ask the Miller Girls for some shwag...)

The venues have risen each year, and they've also added an eighth show to the punkstravaganza. Darkbuster will play different sets throughout the week with different bands opening each night. Every night features a cavalcade of rock tales about Boston, drinking, fighting, social injustice, joys of Irishness, departed friends, the power of music, and combinations thereof.

I listened to every band, and I feel a little woozy already:

SUN 2/17
The first night should rock not only for the restless crowd's energy but 'reunion' sets from Pinkerton Thugs and Three Sheets, and The Throwaways add some crunchy power-pop.

MON 2/18
with The Welch Boys, The Outsiders

TUES 2/19
Tuesday's lineup brings it down a notch with Celtic-folk-driven The Larkin Brigade
and "acoustic-punk" of Jay Allen & The Arch Criminals. I wouldn't be surprised some of the Darkbusters also did a stripped-down set at some point...

WED 2/20
with The Scars, The Morgan Knockers

THUR 2/21
On Thursday, guitarist-accordionist Marc Orrel has left The Dropkick Murphys last month to focus on his own band, Gimme Danger. It's more of a bluesy retro-rock and sounds great. I believe a couple other Dropkicks play with him, so they'll get a warm reception. Jason Bennett & The Resistance are no slouches either.

FRI 2/22
Sadly, one of the reasons that Friday looked so good was a set by The Shods, but they can't make it. The substitutes, Mark Lind & the Unloved, are are pretty good though. S4G is driving down from Montreal, and The Rum Fits are coming all the way from New Mexico to play the Throwup. They have no scheduled shows for a week on either side of this gig!

SAT 2/23
It's ska night on Saturday with The Allstonians and Hub City Stompers (from NJ).
Also: Band Of Felons

SUN 2/24
The all-ages afternoon bill on Sunday includes the solo band of Stigma (guitarist of NYC hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front), Long Island hardcore group Reason Enough, and local hard-twang punk of Death & Taxes.

The savings on $50 8-show pass is going towards your visit to rehab, but that's your choice...

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