Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TUES 4/15: Free Donut @ Dunks, Rock, etc

Free doughnut with hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts Have you had your free doughnut yet? You may go to Dunkin' Donuts for your (hot) coffee anyway, so you might as well get a donut of your choice as a Tax Day treat. There's other stuff to do tonight, but here's one more...
TUES 4/15

The Friday Nighters (9pm), Fitless (9:50pm), Dave Crespo (10:40pm), Frit (11:20pm)
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

Fitless are friends of mine, so I'd normally be there tonight, but I've got a lot of stuff to do before my mom gets to town. They call their stuff 'white-collar punk', and they do some interesting harmonies and rhythms that sound better than their recordings. Get there at 9pm, and hear some 50's/60's covers from The Friday Nighters. Dave Crespo throws down some well-done jammy rock; I've met his keyboardist who's a good guy and player too. I couldn't find much info on Frit except that it's lead by Rob Compa who teaches at the Boston School of Rock. (Remember the Jack Black movie?)

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