Monday, August 18, 2008

MON 8/18: "The Big Lebowski" Party, Jazz

Big Lebowski Party, Tonight
There's other stuff to do tonight, but don't you wanna hang out with hundreds of Lewbowski fans and watch the movie with them?

(If you see a big ol' dork in a purple Rock 'n Bowl shirt, don't hesitate to say hello or whatever you'd like to say...)


MON 8/18

"The Big Lebowski" Bowling Party Extravaganza
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

Having a Lebowski party behind a movie theatre isn't the same as a bowling alley (like Kings last month), but this is the best damn Monday night fun to be had. After pre-gaming with some White Russians, this will get even better... Prizes will be awarded for best costume (a crowd of Dudes, Walters, and Jesuses... "Jesi...?") and Big Lebowski trivia knowledge. Other contests in previos years have included (and why not have them again?): "most convincing nihilist quip" (whip out the Nietzsche books and Cure CD's), "most impassioned Walter rant", and "toy bowling".

This movie is hilarious the first time you watch it, and there are a million things to make you laugh everytime you see it -- just ask anyone here at the 'Big Lebowski' Party. Most of them could quote all the dialogue to you before the movie starts, but there’s other fun stuff to do. The movie will start around 8pm -- depending on when they can corral the audience into the theatre.

Can a cult classic be a masterpiece? It doesn't matter. The Dude abides...

MON 8/18

9:30pm to Midnight
Bitches Brew w/ Terkel Noergaard
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)

There's something cool about a drummer from Denmark jamming with our local electric Miles Davis -- and reaching back to the classic 50's/60's period.

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Unknown said...

That image you've got with this image is pretty hott. "Hey baby, how bout I put on a Viking hat, and you can teach me how to bowl?" It would be esp awesome if cheezy muzak began to play for the encounter, sans accompanying regrettable pornographic-like molestation of indoor sports equipment.

Anyhow, please do take some pictures tonight and give me a full report.