Monday, August 04, 2008

MON 8/4: All Kindsa Music

Yoni Gordon and His Goods, Tonight with Vivian Girls
There's all kinds of music: Country ("AND Western..."), Klezmer, Indian, Rock, and the weird...

(Wow, it's already August 4! WTF? Where has the year gone?)


MON 8/4

Steven Greenman & Walter Mahovlich
at LilyPad, 1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge (Inman Sq)

It's a klezmer party with a clarinetist and violinist who really know how to bring Eastern European style. I'm not kidding -- put on your gypsy dancing shoes even if it is an early show.

MON 8/4

"Let 'Er Rip": The Berklee Country Music Ensemble
at David Friend Recital Hall, 921 Boylston St, Boston (Berklee / Back Bay)

In the mood for a little country? They teach more than jazz and guitar-wankery at Berklee. Faculty guitarist Mike Ihde leads the band through hot C&W and a little bluegrass.

And let's not forget India is a "country" too! Violinist and 15-year-old Berklee student Aishu Venkataraman will play some classical South Indian, which I'm sure will be about someone drowning their sorrows after being wronged by their loved one.

MON 8/4

"No More Bush Tour"
Feat: Sunburned Hand of the Man, Jack Rose, Valerie Webber, 50 Foot Women w/ Axolotl, Byron Coley, Bill Nace w/ Kate Village, Zaika, Damon Krukowski, Bobb Trimble
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$8 -- 21+ / $11 -- 18+

Think of it as an early celebration; it'll be a few more months until we know for sure that our patience has brought regime change to our country... Organized by Byron Coley of Ecstatic Peace Records & Ecstatic YOD. The highlights of the show will probably be the acoustic guitar wonder of Jack Rose, trippy folk-rock of Bobb Trimble, funky skronk of Sunburned Hand of the Man, and rocker (turned professor?) Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi). All the other avant-noise and psychedelia and spoken-word might just keep our spirits up until Inauguration Day or at least the elections in November.

MON 8/4

Vivian Girls, Yoni Gordon & His Goods, Crystal Stilts, Paparazzi
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$7 / 18+

Vivian Girls are actually youngish females and are a kinda-popular cult band. (Not bad.) Yoni Gordon & His Goods are a band of straight-forward song-driven rock like Elvis Costello or Ted Leo are associated with.

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