Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dunkin Donuts = Superfluous Signage

3 signs, 1 donut shop

When I was in Union Square on Saturday, I had to snap a photo. I know I'm not the first person to say this, but WTF?

Do you really need that sign with the arrow pointing to Dunks?


Unknown said...

Alright, it seems ridiculous, but here's my best guess: If you're coming over the hill towards it, and are in the right lane, you can't see the sign on the building until you're too close to get into the left lane and enter. So the little sign is supposed to give people early warning. Or something. I think?

rob v said...

Hmmm... That sounds like a fair explanation, Brad. I'll check the sign height when I go down Prospect again.

Your theory falls apart when you suggest that being in the wrong lane would stop someone from making a turn into the lot. ;-)


Aaron said...

Going over that intersection at least once a day, I can say that it doesn't matter what lane you're in. Anything goes.
Maybe it's so people know there's an entrance there?

rob v said...

Maybe to inform about a driveway... I could believe that. I recall a buddy of mine had to double back at this DD, because he missed the entrance. (Lousy driver, though.)

That extra sign has always bothered me, but I had a camera with me this time.

Anonymous said...

yeah you wouldn't want to miss that dunkin or they might not be another one for 200 feet or so. The horror.