Thursday, April 09, 2009

THUR 4/9: Sex Trivia & All Sorts of Music

Sarah RabDAU (and Self-Employed Assassin)
You know... If there was a Denny's closer than Danvers to me, I might have gone today with a friend to get the free Grand Slamwich (w/ Grand Slam purchase)...


THUR 4/9

"Sex Trivia Anyone?"
at Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, 384 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)

The fact that Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts is hosting a sex trivia night is a good sign that someone has a sense of humor. I hope it's the people who are actually running the trivia night. Some of the questions are are bound to be serious, but there will be prizes, giveaways, and free appetizers.

The RSVP is closed, however I've noticed (in my experience) it's usually easy to join in a group like this. It might even happen on the ground level. Keep going up -- at worst, you can enjoy the rooftop bar...

THUR 4/9

Sarah RabDAU & the Self-Employed Assassins (11:45pm), Dead Cats Dead Rats (11pm), Muy Cansado (10:15pm), Anarchy Club (9:30pm)
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$9 / 18+

Night #4 of the Rock 'n Roll Rumble.

When I say piano-n-drums duo, don't even think about those former Rumble winners that have gone on to international semi-fame. Sarah Rabdau sings with beautiful, powerful pitch (and dare again to say more attractive, which has nothing to do with music). This is the sound of a two-handed singer-keyboardist that benefits from some percussion. I love the post-punk spunk of Muy Cansado, so I'd like to see one of these two bands go on to the next round.

As you might expect from band called Dead Cats Dead Rats, they punk out; nothing too exciting or special, but they don't suck. Again, it's not that Anarchy Club sucks, but they strike me as semi-industrial metal that turned me off quite a few years ago.

THUR 4/9

Giant Kings
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)

If you've seen a band here or at Toad, Lizard Lounge, Atwoods, The Plough (or almost anywhere else); then you'll recognize the players in this band. The Giant Kings play old-school rock/R&B/soul.

The list is much to long, but these guys have made so many sound so good. In comparison to Duke Levine, most guitarists just wear the damn thing around their neck. Paul Ahlstrand is a saxophonist nonpareil. Chris Cote is usually the singer in The Upper Crust. 110% of great music!

THUR 4/9

Movers & Shakers, Mike Fiore
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Dude. Movers & Shakers will rock you. Rough and ready with a bunch of texture that that imbues songs with a variety of genres simultaneously. Maybe this would even be a good chance to absorb the lyrical gift of Mike Fiore as he appears to be going full-solo instead of having his Faces on Film cohorts on the periphery of his aura.

Did you notice there are 5 Thursdays in April? Movers & Shakers will be at the Plough on each of them...

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