Friday, November 13, 2009

11/14: Somerville Bike Auction

There are Saturday items on the calendar and another Saturday post to come...

Some people might want a pre-owned bicycle on the cheap...


11am to 3pm
City of Somerville Bike Auction
at Somerville High School Atrium, 81 Highland Ave, Somerville (Spring Hill)
- Whatever You Bid -

If you need a bike -- or lost a bike -- this might be a good deal.

More than 300 bikes will be sold to the highest bidder in "as is" condition. All of them can be viewed in the hour before the auction.

According to a Globe article, they are planning to start the bidding low to get as many bikes as possible off their hands. (I wouldn't be surprised if they start the bidding real low...)

I don't really know much about bikes, but the PDF lists all sorts of brands with various gear options.

They have already checked the inventory against the stolen bike reports. BUT if you can prove that it's your bicycle, they'll give it back.

The city will accept cash or checks (payable to "City of Somerville").

The cool bike (above) will obviously not be available...

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