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FRI 11/20: Film, Russian, Nightmare, Pop, Rock

Will the exhibit have a snow globe?
Oh-me, oh-my! Things did not go quite as planned, but I'll to recover. There is a chance of a soft re-launch of the weekly email this week. Stay tuned. We now present another sub-par post...

Hey, I think I found cheapness that's spread around the area...


FRI 11/20

An Evening with Paul Schrader
at Room 102, Sargent College, 635 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

This is a pretty big guy to get for BU (and with relatively little fanfare as far as I know). If I wasn't already busy, I'd love to hear Paul Schrader talk about filmmaking.

If Schrader's name doesn't sound familiar, he wrote the screenplay for a bunch of Scorsese films such as "Taxi Driver", "Raging Bull", "The Last Temptation of Christ", and "Bringing Out the Dead".

He's also a fine director in his own right of movies like "American Gigolo", "Light Sleeper", "Affliction", and the movie that will be screened tonight: "Auto Focus".

FRI 11/20

8pm to 10pm
Russian Guitar Night & Blinchiki
at Room 491, Stratton Student Center, 84 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT campus)
$5 suggested donation

This sounds like a pretty casual time. I do know that Russians know how to party. Guys with guitars singing songs and eating filled pancakes? This is a good time. I bet people won't even be angry if someone was enjoying a little vodka...?

FRI 11/20

8pm to 10pm
Museum of Toys & Pop Culture, "The Nightmare Before Christmas": Opening
at Comicazi - West, 1305 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington

I recently said I wasn't going list any "Christmas" stuff before Thanksgiving, but I consider this more of a Halloween film than Xmas.

It was easy to forget that there's a Museum of Toys & Pop Culture in Arlington, because it's in Arlington -- and I've never been there. I've taken the bus past the store a few time, but it must have a lot of space to house separate exhibits from the regular merch.

There's going to be a screening of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on their big screen to along with the movie-themed toys, etc. Tim Burton is the man in my opinion, so this could be really cool. Expect some spooky food treats, and there will be a raffle to win a event-specific shirt.

Admission is limited to 50 and includes a free 'Nightmare' button.

FRI 11/20

International Pop Overthrow
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

8pm: Bittersweets
8:30pm: Pastiche
9pm: Fox Pass
9:30pm: Fireking
10pm: 1.4.5.
10:30pm: Big City Rockers
11pm: The Stompers
11:30pm: The Varmints
There is nothing wrong with this lineup. There is classic powerpop from Fox Pass. Vintage upstate NY powerpop is represented by 1.4.5. (from the ashes of The Flashcubes). Big City Rockers include members of classic Boston band The Atlantics, and they're doing an all-Atlantics set tonight.

FRI 11/20

Township (Midnight), The Dirty Truckers (11pm), The Long Time Darlings (10pm), 66 Breakout (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

There is no screwing around here. You get 4 no-nonsense, down 'n dirty, bluesy, rootsy rock bands. Whether it's Township's classic 70's-rock squeezed through a modern strainer, the Stonesy rock of The Dirty Truckers, the blues explosion of 66 Breakout, or straight-up ballsy rock of Pittsburgh's Long Time Darlings -- it's a good time. And there may be Narragansett shwag to be had...

FRI 11/20

Thalia Zedek, Shepherdess, Audrey Ryan
at Milky Way Lounge / Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)

Previously Thalia Zedek reminded me of a female Leonard Cohen, but I listened to her 7-minute version of "House of the Rising Sun" the other night. I think Zedek's could better be compared to latter-day Marianne Faithfull, but her songwriter has the intensity of Cohen or Nick Cave.

Shepherdess makes delightfully askew, catchy indie-rock that I really like whenever I listen. Any Audrey Ryan should be on your radar, because this so damn awesome stuff.

FRI 11/20

Drago (11:45pm), 007Hundred Club (11pm), The Spoilers (10:15pm), The Doll Eyes (9:30pm)
at Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain
$10ish / 21+

This is going to be a killer hardcore punk show. This is the real thing, folks. Like they played it in my youth...

It turns out that Drago and 007Hundred Club have put out a split album, and both bands have two former Darkbuster members. Talk about friendly rivalry.

Follow this link, if you're interested in getting a discounted Narragansett tallboy tonight.

It's hard to get an exact cover charge at the Midway in advance. I'm guessing $8 or $10.

FRI 11/20 & SAT 11/21

The Beatle Butchers
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

I love The Beatles. You probably love The Beatles. These guys do a damn good job at playing the songs. One of the guys moved away about 6 months ago, but it's time for a couple reunion gigs around Thanksgiving.

Friday: 1963 to 1966
Saturday: 1967 to 1970

I assume they won't exclusively play stuff from the 'Red' and 'Blue' albums...

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