Tuesday, March 09, 2010

TUES 3/9: Film Party, Talk, Comedy, Rock

Although the weather is going to cool off, I'm proclaiming the beginning of "mental Spring". Pete Bouchard said that "meteorological Spring" began on the 1st. The temperature is up, and I can't remember that last time I saw a patch of ice.


TUES 3/9

6pm to 8pm
Boston Underground Film Festival 2010 Launch Party
at Stuart Street Playhouse, 200 Stuart Street, Boston (Theatre District)

Last year's event was at Space 242, and it was a well-attended event with previews projected on a large white wall. On the other hand, there weren't enough people to fill a 400-seat theatre; and I also had a good chance to win a giveaway (but didn't). The City of Boston now has its first art-house cinema in a long while, which will host the pre-party if not the festival.

For the first hour, Harpoon is giving free beer and Boloco is giving free burritos -- both while supplies last. There will also be a variety of giveaways "from the BUFF prize closet" (t-shirts to sex toys) including a pair of all-access passes to screenings & parties. Then you can watch a 45-minute program of trailers and shorts from this year's schedule.

Show up early if you want food and beer, because this will be crowded. I've read that about 250 yelpers (see comments) may be there, and they've got some sort of priority arrangement. Others may flake after RSVP'ing, but these people love free drinks.

BUFF is happening from THUR 3/25 to THUR 4/1, and every years presents a lot of cool independent/underground films.

Note: When you see the sign for the theatre, it's behind the hotel through the driveway.

TUES 3/9

7pm to 8pm
"This Will Change Everything": Panel Discussion
at Harvard Coop, Level 3, 1400 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

At the online science journal Edge, they annually ask scores of the world's leading thinkers to give their opinion on a particular question. Last year, they opined on "What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?", and 136 answers are compiled in this book.

Your friends may do something similar late at night, but these people may have actually researched whatever they're talking about (e.g. biofuels, evolutionary theory, brain plasticity, solar technology, multiple dimensions, etc)

The discussion with several contributors should include: Seth Lloyd (quantum mechanics, MIT), Dimitar Sasselov (astronomy, Harvard), Neil Gershenfeld (physics, MIT), Sherry Turkle (social studies, MIT), Frank Wilczek (physics, MIT). Editor John Brockman is not listed, but you never know...

TUES 3/9

The Rob Crean Show
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$7 / 18+

Feat: Dan Boulger, Tom Dustin, White Pages

Why do I like this monthly show? I like to hear funny stuff without going to a comedy club. It's a personal issue; I'm glad there are comedy clubs and encourage people to go, and I know there are several spots without a drink minimum.

It's a comedy show in the format of variety/talk show with various segments, interviews, and sketches by Crean, Lucas Lewis, Adam Haut, Ryan Douglass and Brendan Thomas Crowley -- as well as stand-up and music performances. It's similar to a funny version of a late-night talk show. One of tonight's guests, Dan Boulger, won the Boston Comedy Festival in '06 after doing stand-up for about two years. Musical guests White Pages punk it up stupendously.

TUES 3/9

The Downbeat 5 (11pm), The Right Ons (10pm), Hey Marseilles (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

This is one of those Friday-quality shows in the middle of the week. Besides the great Downbeat 5, the bands from Spain and Seattle are all on their way to SXSW next week.

Both Jen's Deelinquents and JJ's Cuban Heels are fine groups, but I love that Downbeat 5 way of mashing garage-punk with girl-group soul together. The originals are equally good as the covers, and the band simply rocks.

The Right-Ons gigged with the DB5 about 18 months when they were here to record their last album, and the guys from Madrid back to spread their soulful American-style rock. They sound so authentic, I initially thought it was a British band... Since then, one reviewer described them as the "Spanish Kings of Leon".

For a little variety, Hey Marseilles opens up with bold, beautiful chamber-pop that the band aptly describes as "folkestral" thanks to the strings, horns, and keyboards. This 7-man band know how to play it big or small when necessary over what sounds like intelligent lyrics. They should be a good warm-up.

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