Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WED 3/17: St Paddy's Stuff, plus

Happy Evacuation Day, folks! You know it's a town of drunks when the Red Line is as crowded as the day after Thanksgiving.

The Metro asked someone from McGreevy's how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a genuinely Irish way, and she said: "Help your mother boil the dinner and take some time to go to church."

Honestly, you don't need an excuse to binge drink. Feel free to do it any weekend...

Most bars are crazy-crowded today. You'll probably have a good time, but -- like New Year's Eve -- I'm not interested in waiting in line and/or paying a special cover charge.

While you're in line, grab some lads and/or lasses and consider my cheap drinking suggestions:

1) Share a bottle of Irish whiskey with some people and drink beer. (Am guessing you can find some good stuff for about $25.)

2) Make green jello shots: Get a couple packages of green jello, a cheap bottle of vodka, and some little cups (or something similar).
Generally, I say drink local. The closer you are to your home, the easier your stumble back will be.

Someone sent me a link for a webcomic about an Irishman who comes to Boston during the Potato Famine...

Kings in Back Bay sent a flyer saying that bowling and pool is free after 9pm...


WED 3/17

7pm to 8pm
Peter F. Stevens, "Hidden History of the Boston Irish": Reading
at Harvard Coop, 3rd Level, 1400 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

Looking for Irish people to toast? Hear about notable Boston Irish that don't get much notice.

WED 3/17

7pm to 11pm
Josh Lederman & The CSARs
at Sally O'Brien's, 335 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)

Sally's feels crowded on any Friday night, so I can only assume it'll be jumping. I've seen Josh Lederman's rootsy Irish/klezmer/rock frenzy on a couple St Paddy's Days. In the past, he and the band -- like many others -- do sets at multiple clubs today, but I know the "Cambridge-Somerville All-Stars" appropriately celebrate in Union Sq for a couple hours.

WED 3/17

"3-on-3 Improv Tournament"
at Castlebar, 575 Washington St, Brighton (Oak Sq)
$1 or $3 / 21+

In a brilliant melding of comedy and March Madness on St. Patrick's Day, various local comedy and improv teams of three go head-to-head through a bracket to determine the winner. Each team gets 10 minutes per round.

There is some conflicting info about the cover, but the drinks are cheap (and cocktails were strong when I was last there). A recipe for good craic.

WED 3/17

Mellow Bravo, The Organ Beats, Midatlantic, The Luxury, Creepy Jones
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 18+

I guess Midatlantic (fka The Bleedin Bleedins) play a local gig near the date to celebrate the Irish holiday. As a band that has its roots firmly in Eire, the new name aptly describes the cross-pond link. Besides their anthemic rock, you got more of the big-rock sound with The Luxury. Things get a little heavier as the night goes on with The Organ Beats and Mellow Bravo. The band with my least favorite name of the night, Creepy Jones, twangs it all off.

DJ Belfrank, from Ireland, is supposed to spin too.

WED 3/17

"Sistas Doin' it for Themselves" Party
at Milky Way Lounge / Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)

Feat: DJ Nomadik, Allyssa Jones, Darcie Wicknick, Sista D, Genevieve, Luna del Flor, more

Hey, not everything has to include green beer. (Please don't drink any green beer.) Remember that March is Women's History Month (and International Women's Month)???

My memory is a bit faulty, because this is apparently Soulkore's 9th annual party to celebrate woman power. Their usual monthly "Old School Party" is going to be a showcase for female DJ's and performers.

WED 3/17

Kiss My Ass
at P.J. Ryan's, 239 Holland St, Somerville (Teele Sq)

For those speak Gaelic or love The Pogues, you probably already know that "Pogue Mahone" means "Kiss My Ass". You may think there are other Pogues tribute bands around town (including one at the Plough tonight), but these guys are supposedly the best we've got.

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