Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WED 3/10: Film & Music

Here is a quote I saw yesterday:

I do think the way to a full and healthy life is to adopt the sensible system of 'small helpings, no seconds, no snacking, and a little bit of everything.'

Above all -- have a good time.

-- Julia Child
I also read a rumor that there may be free beer somewhere today and/or tomorrow. Facebook people can check the Killian's page. There was no info when I last checked...


WED 3/10

"Fair Play": Sneak Preview
at O'Bryant African American Center, 40 Leon St, Boston (Northeastern campus)

Of course, there was much more than an international boycott of sports contact that pressured South Africa to eliminate their apartheid system.

Tonight's documentary looks back on how the sports world confronted institutional racism in the 70s and 80's as part of an 8-plus hour series "Have You Heard From Johannesburg" that premieres next month in NYC.

There will be some "light refreshments" before and a panel discussion after the screening.

WED 3/10

Black Kettle, Tamsin Wilson, Natural Forces
at Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)
$7 / All Ages

If the pot is calling the kettle black, then both must be making some beautiful music. Hey, the band's name is Black Kettle. (My next attempt will be wittier.) There's an irresistible quality to organic indie-pop of this band. These songs are like potato chips that compel you to keep listening.

At least the core of Black Kettle have Berklee connections as well as the other acts: breathy folkster Tamsin Wilson and rock duo Natural Forces. Both are pretty darn good; Berklee is succeeding to cast off its reputation for wanky jazz players. (I assume they want to shed that rep...)

As an extra deal, you can go home with Black Kettle's CD for another $3. Bring $10 and enjoy the tunes -- no booze at Cafe 939.

WED 3/10

Chandler Travis Philharmonic
at Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain

Chandler Travis and friends are playing Wednesdays at the Midway this month. His latest CD found Travis in a contemplative mood, but the eccentric musical mastermind will likely keep the mood festive with their skewed, multi-genre rock. And I love their stunning fashion sense.

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