Saturday, July 10, 2010

SAT 7/10: Night Cheapness

It's been 6 months since the earthquake in Haiti. If you're feeling charitable, tonight is a "Remember Haiti" benefit at House of Blues with Bad Rabbits, Will Dailey, and more. Minimum donation is $20, and proceeds go to Partners in Health.


SAT 7/10

The Famous Lesbian Comedy Road Show*
at The Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain
$7 / 21+

Feat: Cheryl B, Kelli Dunham, Kate McCabe, Lea Robinson, Elizabeth Whitney

Unfortunately, I can only speak from my "straight guy" prism: There's a lot of truth in all comedy, so I'm guessing any guy who shows up will be a target for any and all of the performers. So you'll help others laugh...

SAT 7/10

Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints
at Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St, Cambridge (Inman Sq)
$10 / 21+

When super soul singer Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints usually play around town, they're usually allotted one set or there's an opening band, but it's all Sunday Saints all night long for three sets.

When Valentine and a couple other Saints were Sinners, she was belting out a "Northern soul". They've headed South musically and lean towards Memphis soul and New Orleans R&B, so it'll be a long night of shaking your tail feather!

SAT 7/10

The Russians, John Powhida International Airport, Mike Gent
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$10 / 21+

These are the kind of Russians we want to see in Cambridge... It's much better to have the true-identity, gorgeous-melodies, pop-rocking type who plays at basement bars with cool beer selections. It even helps to have a new CD that's been years in the making with some of the top players in town.

To make it a real party, John Powhida International Airport is bringing his sparkling charisma and tremendous voice and Mike Gent (Figgs, The Gentlemen) whipping up a bunch of kick-ass songs. Way better than having a clown and pony ride, especially considering the size of the room.

SAT 7/10

Andy Shernoff, "When Giants Walked The Earth: A Musical Memoir"
at Rosebud Bar & Grill (behind Diner), 381 Summer St, Somerville (Davis Sq)

When was the last time you got to hear a rock legend tell a bunch of stories like opening for Iggy & the Stooges and Rush... AC/DC opening for you... the early days at CBGB's... seeing the rise of UK punk in '77...

As one of the founders and main songwriter in proto-punk giants The Dictators, Andy "Adny" In between reminiscing about some amazing times, Shernoff performs some songs from throughout his career including stuff he did with Joey and DeeDee Ramone. To give you an idea, Andy told Jim Sullivan that the show is a similar format to Ray Davies' "Storyteller".

That version of "Califonia Sun" in the All Star Game commercial? It's The Dictators.

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