Thursday, July 29, 2010

THUR 7/29: Food, Music, Talk, Drama

I didn't bring an umbrella today, so I've checked the forecast. The rain should pass before any of the outdoor cheapness begins.


THUR 7/29

Various Times
Ensenda-style Fish Taco
at Dorado Tacos & Cemitas, 401 Harvard Street, Brookline (near Coolidge Corner)

I was suggesting this earlier:

How happy will you be when you're enjoying a free fish taco?

Available at:

12:30pm to 1:30pm
4:30pm to 5:30pm
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Eat it and go (no purchase necessary). Or think of it as a $2.49 discount on your meal.

THUR 7/29

6pm to 8:30pm
at Institute for Contemporary Art, 100 Northern Ave, Boston (South Boston/Seaport)

I'm not sure I believe that Nini and Ben wrote a song together when they were 16 then they fell in love. It doesn't really matter, because the music is so damn good that any of their tall tales could be a magical retelling of a truth.

The music has such spot-on, lush rootsy-rock, and Nini's vocals have soulful subtlety that requires attention to fully appreciate. This is the kind of beautiful and assured music I expected when I heard about Berklee when I was in high school.

Guess what? There are more outdoor Thursday concerts, which happens to be the night when you can visit the museum for free. And I'm looking forward to seeing the new Charles LeDray retrospective.

THUR 7/29

July Winedown: "Fall Books Preview"
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

The folks at the book store don't just look at a catalogue to see what's coming, they go to book expos. They'll pique your interest about new books, and help you impress your literate friends. Add a glass (or two) of wine, and it's a good book night.

THUR 7/29

"Navigating the Social Scene": Panel Discussion / Q&A
at Blacksmith House, 56 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I missed most of the series of inexpensive sessions at CCAE, yet this one sounds interesting.

In a time when communicating feels more diffuse and complex than ever, maybe it's not sucha bad idea to hear a few ideas about conversation and relationship skills. Maybe you'll want to practice with that cutie across the room...

The moderator of panel discussion is from a website about this topic, and the others are people who think a lot about communication, relationships, and networking.

Probably best (if not required) to register ahead of time.

THUR 7/29

7pm to 9pm
William Cepeda
at O'Day Park, 85 W. Newton St, Boston (South End)

Most groups in the Tito Puente Latin Music Series have a really strong Latin influence in their music, if not being a flat-out salsa band or the like. Trombonist William Cepeda has been blending Puerto Rican music into jazz for more than 15 years, and the result is strongly jazzy in character while injecting the "Afro-rican" sounds and rhythms.

THUR 7/29 (to SAT 7/31)

"Cyrano de Bergerac"
at Mary O'Malley Park, Commandant’s Way, Chelsea Waterfront

There are only 3 more performances of Cyrano in alternating languages. Tonight, the classic love story is performed in English three times, and en Espanol on Friday.

Think of this as a chance to visit a place you usually just drive through without thinking much about it. Take the #111 bus for an adventure in free theatre -- and who knows what else -- on the other side of the Tobin.

THUR 7/29

Chris O'Brien, Autumn Hollow Band, Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch, Brendan Hogan, Comanchero, Jenee Halstead, The Bees Knees, Dave Sammarco Band
at Hard Rock Cafe, 22 Clinton St, Boston (near Faneuil Hall)
$10 / 21+

Dang, there's a lot of bands on this bill. As an outgrowth of the annual New England Americana Festival, this is the second of 3 summer gigs at the Hard Rock. Think of it as a folky/twangy/rockin' sampler of performers that fall into this rather wide category.

Unfortunately the timing of the gig is a little confusing. The flyer says 8pm. The Hard Rock's website says 6:30pm, but that's probably when the doors of the room open (and is usually an hour before the music starts. I'm guessing the bands will begin about 7:30/8pm.

If you've ever walked around Faneuil Hall, you've probably seen host Eric Royer and his one-man-band apparatus. Maybe he'll whip out the 'guitar machine' tonight.

THUR 7/29 (to SUN 8/15)

Various Times
at Parkman Bandstand, about 165 Tremont St, Boston (Boston Common)

Tuesdays to Saturdays -- 8pm
Sundays -- 7pm (2pm matinee on 8/8)

If my count is correct, "Shakespeare on the Common" is returning for its 15th season. Even if one doesn't make a donation, we shouldn't take for granted what is one of the highlights of free/cheap Boston culture. Take the time to go in the next three weeks.

The productions are always well done, and "Othello" is especially one of the Bard's best. As usual, the design has been moved to a different time period. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company seems to favor the early 20th-century; the set and costumes have a '40s influence.

As I mentioned the other day, Seth Gilliam plays the title character. You'll probably recognize him as Sgt. Ellis Carver on "The Wire" or Clayton Hughes on "Oz" among many film & TV appearances.

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