Tuesday, July 06, 2010

TUES 7/6: Music & Film

I was trying to think of cheap ways to stay cool:

Any place near the river or harbor should be cooler... Find a fountain like the Greenway, Christian Science Plaza, the Frog Pond... Wrap a wet, icy cloth around your head.... Wear less clothes (or nothing in the house)... Take another shower... Go somewhere public that has air-conditioning... There are pools/cooling centers around Boston...

Over in East Cambridge, there’s quite a bit of performances and activities over the next week or so called "Boomtown Festival". Most of it is geared towards young people, but there are a couple evening performances for the curious.


TUES 7/6

5pm to 7pm
at Bremen Street Park, about 250 Bremen St, East Boston (behind Airport T)

Yikes, it’s going to be a hot night in Eastie. Lovewhip is scheduled to play two sets of funky, electro dance-rock. Keep in mind that you will want to move around and shake your booty, which feels like fun time on a summer evening.

Presented by Zumix who organizes other fun in East Boston.

TUES 7/6

"Captains Courageous"
at Rabb Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston St, Boston (Copley Sq)

This may be another one of the barely qualifying entries in the "Made in Mass" film series, yet it is also two free hours in a cool theater.

Based on a Rudyard Kipling novel, the story has been transferred to New England. Although I wouldn’t say that Spencer Tracy’s Portuguese sailor accent sounds very believable, the movie is a product of the ‘30s Hollywood system. Even a heartwarming story of a spoiled brat who matures after being saved by a boat of fisherman can be entertaining without getting too schmaltzy.

Gloucester is happy that they’re associated with the movie. They still have an annual "Captains Courageous Festival".

TUES 7/6

Bearcubes (11:30pm), Shapes & Numbers (10:40pm), Emily Elbert (9:50pm), Old Abram Brown (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

The flyer graphics should’ve been more colorful based on the sounds. From the town of Oberlin, Bearcubes must be a group that met in college. The recording has the rich instrumentation for a delicate chamber-pop sound that’s not as dainty as Sufjan Stevens, for instance. I’m guessing their live performances are endearingly folky that won’t be afraid to whip out the banjo and oboes.

There’s a modern powerpop vibe about Shapes & Numbers from the one song I heard from the Maryland rockers who are spending time in Boston. Perhaps they’re studying at Berklee like soulful folk-pixie Emily Elbert and members of the tunefully accessible rockers Old Abram Brown.

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