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SAT 7/17: Daytime Cheapness

Without further delay, here are some thoughts about the early stuff that's happening. Nighttime (and Sunday) cheapness are on the calendar.

For a couple dollars over CTB limit of $10, The Heartless Bastards are playing downstairs at the Middle East. If you don't like them, contact me for a $2 refund.


SAT 7/17 (and SUN 7/18)

8am to Whenever you go...
Annual New England Sand Sculpting Festival
at Revere Beach, Revere (closer to the Revere Beach T)

Tons and tons of sand are brought in for about 10 master sand-sculptors to work their magic (and are competing) with the theme of "Grimms Fairy Tales". Under less than ideal conditions this week, they've been making progress. And the results are usually amazing.

Yeah, it's going to be crowded at all beaches this weekend, even at the ones where you're not supposed to swim. If you don't to go today or tomorrow, people have said they last for a couple weeks. For the undaunted, there's a fireworks display around 9pm on Saturday.

I went a few years ago, and it's a bit south of Kelly's (which is often the reason I go to Revere Beach), but not so far that I wouldn't walk up for fried clams and leave from Wonderland.

SAT 7/17

9am to 9pm
The First African Festival of Boston
at City Hall Plaza, Boston (Govt Center)

I doubt every country and ethnic group from the continent will be represented at what may become an annual event, however this is likely to be the largest gathering of Africa's cultural diversity in New England. The music originates from all over, and I hope a wide array of food and crafts will be present.

I was looking at the schedule [PDF], and it looks like most of the speakers are done by 2:30pm. I don't see Teeyah, one of the headliners from Cote d’Ivoire, listed. Excellent Congolese artist Bouro Mpela should go on around 6:45pm, and a bunch of good acts precede him and his group.

SAT 7/17

Noon to 6pm
ArtBeat Festival 2010: W A T E R
all around Davis Square, Somerville
$3 donation suggested

Art and music stops the traffic in Somerville today!

It's an "arts festival", yet the art is always fun and whimsical so it doesn't feel like "Art" is trying to educate you. Perhaps it refers to the arts/crafts people that usually line Elm St in one direction and Holland St in the other.

There will be loads of cool stuff to see like an interactive aqua-musical installation called "Hydro-Jamm", an exhibit that uses old water bottles and such to make "Totem Pole Island", and lots of pirate fun.

If you dress up like a pirate, you won't feel out of place. At Elm St. Plaza, there's a production for kids (Noon) and costume-making session (11:30am to 2pm) before the Pirate Parade.

As for music and dance, it's pretty solid so here's the full schedule:

Seven Hills Park (behind Somerville Theatre)

Noon -- Tony the Bookie Orchestra
1pm -- Grupo NorteƱo San Miguel
2pm -- Nina Violet
3pm -- Obbini Tumbao
4pm -- The Macrotones
5pm -- Hands and Knees
Elm Street Stage (Elm St & Chester St)
12:30pm -- Save Our Somerville/Teen Empowerment
1:30pm -- Electric Mummy
2:30pm -- Sister Spaceman
3:30pm -- The Needy Visions
4:30pm -- Jatir & Raizes do Ritmo
Dance Showcase, inside Somerville Theater
1pm -- Hui Lehua
2pm -- EgoArt
3pm -- MonkeyHouse
4pm -- Anikai Dance
If you were going to put a gun to my head, I'd probably go for Tony the Bookie Orchestra, Hands and Knees, Sister Spaceman, Nina Violet, The Macrotones, The Needy Visions, and Electric Mummy to see people dressed like mummies on a sweltering day. The international sounds and dance are worthwhile too.

Seriously: Would it kill you to support the festival and other similar Somerville events by giving $3 for an ArtBeat dog-tag?

SAT 7/17

1pm to 4pm
Sailing Open House
at Boston Sailing Center, Lewis Wharf, Boston (North End)

A short sail in Boston Harbor may be the method to cool off with the most splendid view. It's a free ride, so who knows how many other people have the same idea. (It is a "first-come, first-serve" situation.)

The idea is to inspire you to take sailing lessons (discounts available today), but there's no obligations to sign up after your visit. Boston Sailing Center has been doing this for years, and they know I list it here.

As they say, "No sailing experience necessary. All ages welcome. Sailors of all abilities are welcome."

Note: This on Lewis Wharf by the Marriott on the Waterfront.

SAT 7/17

1pm to 2pm
Choose Your Own Adventure 2010
at Christopher Columbus Park, Boston (North End/Waterfront)

When there's a pillow fight, revolutionary-era water battle, or silent dance experiment around Boston, there's a good chance that Banditos Misteriosos had a hand in organizing it.

The Banditos did a scavenger hunt last year, and they're giving it a little twist. Like the books when you were a kid, you'll have options as you stop in designated locations around town.

It may be a little late to register, but I'm guessing they'd still let you participate if you showed up. Teams of 8 to 10 people are going to be made on the spot as people get there between 1pm and 2pm. Get your clues and have a good time! Everyone is a winner.

SAT 7/17 (and SUN 7/18)

Various Times
Annual Betances Festival
at Villa Victoria:
Plaza Betances, 100 W. Dedham St, Boston (South End)
O'Day Park, 85 W. Newton St, Boston (South End)

Saturday: 2:30pm to 8pm
Sunday: 1:30pm to 7pm

Get a taste of Puerto Rican and Latino culture at the oldest & biggest Latin American festival in New England (named after the 19th-century Puerto Rican humanitarian, Dr. Ramon Betances). There will be 'mucho' pan-Latin American entertainment: music, dancing, arts, crafts, food, and a grease pole contest!

The schedule doesn't have the time, but the greased pole contest usually starts around 1pm at O'Day Park. You wouldn't think that a bunch of guys clamoring over a big greasy pole in the South End could be eventful, but it is exciting to watch... You'll cheer, you'll groan, and you'll be amazed people will get that dirty. The food and music are close by.

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