Tuesday, August 03, 2010

8/3 & 8/4: RSVP for Vodka and/or Beer

I'm not sure how effective these booze-sponsored events are, but it's fine with me that they offer free drinks and music.

I'll say this at the top. They're going to let everyone RSVP for the events then let people in until the venues are full. Both let you bring a guest with one RSVP.

How early should you get there? The below times are the "doors open" hour; Woodward is smaller than Royale, so maybe a little earlier tonight than tomorrow.


TUES 8/3

Svedka Vodka Sessions: Jose James
at Woodward, Ames Hotel, 1 Court St, Boston (Downtown Crossing)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+

Maybe you haven't thought about it recently (or ever): A deep, rich voice singing standards with a piano can be jazz.

One of the best records I've heard in my life is "John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman", which isn't much more than vocals, piano, and the master touch of Coltrane, and it's definitely an influence on James and his pianist. As you'd expect, they put their own modern twist on the idea.

Hang at one of the newest fancy bars, listening to jazz, and enjoy a couple free vodka cocktails from Svedka (the sexy robot ads).

WED 8/4

8pm to Midnight
"Amsterdam Live"
at Royale, 279 Tremont St, Boston (Theatre District)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+

Feat: The Rapture, DJ The Scumfrog, DJ Die Young

If this gig was at Great Scott and not sponsored by a beer company, the hipsters might be buzzing out about this comeback-of-sorts. The Rapture are a dance-punk band who are heavy on the dance while rocking plenty of guitar and live drums. They broke on the scene around '03 and haven't been seen much in the last couple years.

Looks like they're gearing up again for what's described as a "unique nightclub experience fusing art, live music, dance, and DJs in true Amsterdam style." And Amstel Light, of course.

It should be a good, and they seem to have enough bar space to hand out complimentary beer.

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