Saturday, August 21, 2010

SAT 8/21: Getting Wet

There's more than hot, wet, summer fun -- but I thought I'd throw this up for those interested...


SAT 8/21

Noon to 5pm(?)
Allston Squirt Gun Day 3
at Ringer Park, about 100 Allston St, Allston

The beauty of this happening is the absence of registration or secret location.

In a way, I'm a little sad that they've conceded the street intersection as their location. Not only was it a water gun fun, but it was subversive. Unfortunately, the Boston PD are not known for their open-minded sense of humor, and the action could only last for a few minutes.

At the park, there is the continuous aqua-pugilism to sustain the good times. I doubt they are going to have the record-breaking attendance of 1,500+, because I was looking for this event earlier in the week and couldn't find it.

Will it really last for 5 hours? I doubt. Of course, everyone won't be punctual either. Although the Facebook page didn't explicitly give the same instructions as years past, it wouldn't hurt to:

- Wear green
- Be respectful to non-participants
- Be creative
- Have fun
No jerks, please.

SAT 8/21

1:30pm to 3pm
Banditos Misteriosos Water Gun Fight
near the Hatch Shell, Storrow Dr, Boston (Charles River Esplanade)

Okay, you really should've registered yesterday or before to join in the time-travel theme water gun fight. After two years of a 'Revolutionary War' theme, hundreds of people are going to participate in the most creative water gun fight around, so you flash-mob the flash mob if you got the guts and join in the fun.

A friend of mine is going, and they sent me the info for their team (past) who are meeting here at 1:30pm. (Wear gray and black.)

Supplies you should bring:
- 1 water gun of your choice.
- At least 2 FILLED two-liter bottles
- A back-pack to hold water bottles
- "As always, your fighting vigor and a bandana!"
If you want to scab your way onto the Future team (cyborgs, alien overlords, et al), wear primary colors.

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