Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WED 8/11: Party, TV, Poetry, Othello, Music

Summertime and corn on the cob go together so well. I saw some corn on sale last week, and I finished the remaining two cobs last night.

I've conceived a new challenge for next time -- I will try to eat a cob in more than a minute. It would be nice to slow down and chew like a human being instead of ripping through it like a Looney Tunes character...


WED 8/11

6pm to 9pm
"Best Of El Planeta" Party
at Game On, 82 Lansdowne St, Boston (Kenmore Sq)

I don't often pick up "El Planeta", but that doesn't need to stop you or I to go to their "Best Of" party. There should be free appetizers and Coronas...

And why shouldn't the Phoenix's hermana publication put out its own list? Do you want to know which Central American restaurant is the favorite among the readers?

Looks like you can still RSVP...

WED 8/11

"Weeds" & "The Big C": Preview Screening
at Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge

I don't have a link for this event, since info was passed along by email from Landmark/Kendall Square Cinema.

If you don't have Showtime, you might be bummed that you're intererested in one or both of these shows after the screening.

Or you might have an ambiguous reaction yet still enjoyed a couple hours in a theatre with a free medium popcorn and fountain drink. (Thanks, Showtime!)

They say, "Arrive early as seating is first come, first served."

The screening starts at 7pm, and they'll begin checking people in at 6pm.

WED 8/11

Patricia Smith: Slam Poetry
at Cantab Underground, 738 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (between Central Sq & Harvard Sq)
$3 / 18+

On her website, Patricia Smith calls the Cantab her "favorite poetry audience ever!"

As one of the Cantab Slam co-founders and a National Poetry Slam champion (4 times in 6 years), you would be witnessing one of the best slam poetry performances possible.

I've been to the Cantab's poetry night, and it's quite a vibrant and crowded scene. I'd get there early if you really want to get in. Keep in mind the open-mic begins at 8pm, and Smith will likely perform around 10pm. There may be a few clunkers, but they only get 3 minutes each.

A slam competition usually follows the featured poet, but there's "no open slam tonight."

WED 8/11 (to SUN 8/15)

at Parkman Bandstand, about 165 Tremont St, Boston (Boston Common)

Thru Saturday -- 8pm
Sunday -- 7pm

Believe it or not, there's only one more week of performances in this year's free Shakespeare in the Common. Take advantage of one of the highlights of free/cheap Boston culture. Even if one doesn't make a donation, you're supporting by simply enjoying one of Shakespeare's best tragedies.

WED 8/11

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants (10:35pm), Ari Shine (9:45pm), Liam Reddy (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

The most interesting about Chris Shiflett is that he's been the second guitarist in the Foo Fighters for about 10 years after playing in punk bands -- like his predecessors Pat Smear and Franz Stahl.

A bit like the most recent Foo music, Shiflett has veered towards a rootsy/twangy sound with The Dead Peasants. It's not bad, but you can figure out it was more than his Nirvana gig that allowed Dave Grohl to be a successful frontman.

A couple of singer-songwriter dudes with acoustics are opening. I think I may like Ari Shine's songs better than the headliner's; they're well-written, and Shine's vocals seem to have a greater presence. Liam Reddy from Waltham gets the party started.

WED 8/11

Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers
at Milky Way Lounge/Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)

Erin Harpe plays the hell out of the acoustic-fingerstyle blues of the early 1900's, and now she has a band joining her two sets tonight, which includes the bassist from her electro-funk band Lovewhip and drummer.

Along with Richard "Rosy" Rosenblatt on harmonica, they'll be joined by Brendon Wood who's taking a night off from experimental-soundtrack-rock to take his electric guitar back to the country.

If you watch a couple of the videos on the website. The band format, especially with harp player, has the feel of early WWII blues bands that are just a couple evolutionary steps from rock 'n roll. And it sounds fantastic.

Unfortunately, this is the last of a summer-month series of gigs at the Milky Way. I wouldn't mind if it continued into the fall...

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