Friday, September 17, 2010

FRI 9/17: Parkour, Film, Music, Booze

Some of tomorrow's fun includes: the Annual Boston Freedom Rally (yes, you might get a contact high if you're not getting high anyway), Jenny And Johnny are doing an in-store at Newbury Comics, a "To Kill a Mockingbird" anniversary event at the BPL, the "Urban Country Fair", and "Virgo-A-Go-Go" rock show at TT's.

For those looking for some cheap/free fun in the North Shore, "Trails & Sails" offers a bunch of activities all around Essex County this weekend and next.


FRI 9/17

4:30pm to 9pm
"Red Bull Art of Motion" Competition
at City Hall Plaza, 1 City Hall Plaza, Boston (Govt Center)

I find this quite intriguing, because I really don't know much about parkour/freerunning except I recognize it when I see it in movies. And people apparently do it around town.

In the video where parkour star Ryan Doyle is scouting around Boston this past winter, this is a special event for the "sport". It may be the first US competition in the "Art of Motion" series, and the course will solely be the existing architecture of City Hall Plaza -- as opposed to specially built additions.

It could be a dicey affair if the course is wet. We'll see... The winner is not important to most of us, right?

FRI 9/17 (and SAT 9/18)

Annual Viva la Vinal Festival
at Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville (near Union Sq)
FREE / Donations Welcome

Saturday -- Noon to 10pm

Just a brief stroll away from the heart of Union Square lies a garden-like oasis that is hosting the 5th Annual Viva la Vinal Festival that's expanding beyond music to include tonight's evening of open-air cinema.

Even before the potential dampness, people were encouraged to bring blankets/chairs to increase comfort. I did sit on a stone step on a previous visit, but that was semi-lucky.

The 3- to 4-hour program of music & craft documentaries along with a low-key comedy will run in this order:

- "Loft Show Upstairs"
- "Craft is the Function"
- "Faster than a Fax Machine"
- "How I Killed Mumblecore"
Except for the the craft knitting one(which may be a short), I'm interested in seeing all of these films.

Saturday's Schedule:
Noon -- Mariana Iranzi (the "Children's Hour")
1:20pm -- International String Trio
2:05pm -- Audrey Ryan
2:45pm -- Emily Hope Price
3:30pm -- Kingsley Flood
4:15pm -- Justin Levinson
5pm -- The Autumn Hollow
5:45pm -- Bridget & the Squares
6:30pm -- Cactus Attack
7:15pm -- TheyWillHateUs
8pm -- Justin Shorey
8:45pm -- This Blue Heaven
There will be a concession stand "with affordable and healthy snacks and beverages, with all proceeds going to the artists and the Growing Center."

Rain date: Sunday 9/19

FRI 9/17 (thru THUR 9/23)

Various Times
Annual Boston Film Festival
at Stuart Street Playhouse, 200 Stuart Street, Boston (Theatre District)
Most $8

Of the various film festivals throughout the year, the BFF selections probably have the greatest likelihood of ending up in wider distribution (previous years have screened: "American Beauty", "The Piano", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", as well as "Good Luck Chuck").

So this is a chance to see a film before most Bostonians, and some screenings will have the director and/or star in attendance.

It looks like two of the stronger films may be the opening night selections, "To Be Friends" and "Locked In". There may be some tickets available; the initial online ticket pages didn't indicate a full house.

The Globe gives a rather straightforward summary of the lineup, and The Phoenix offers more opinion to help you decide what might interest you this week. Besides the 24 features, there are a few shorts and animation programs.

Hey, the festival actually takes place in Boston, instead of Cambridge!

FRI 9/17

Kevin Dunn (8pm), One Happy Island (9pm), Cotton Candy (7:30pm)
at Lily Pad, 1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge (Inman Sq)

Those interested in history of modern rock will be flocking to the Lily Pad tonight for Kevin Dunn's first Boston show in about 30 years. While unknown to many, his mix of art-rock and new wave from the late-70's/early-80's was quite influential around the Atlanta/Athens scene that spawned bands like REM, B-52s, and, Let's Active. However it sounded to Peter Buck, it still sounds pretty fresh and relevant today.

Dunn has a fan in one of the guys from One Happy Island who was the force behind his new compilation "No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985" which is being promoted with this date and others. The indie-pop of Cotton Candy and One Happy Island will flank Mr. Dunn's performance.

FRI 9/17

Stella Artois Draught Master Competition
at Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles St, Boston (Beacon Hill)

As I said earlier, I congratulate Stella Artois for being an average beer with excellent marketing.

Among the efforts to make their beer transcend every other mass-produced lager, the have stuff like pouring competitions that may be fun and rewarding to the participants. We get free beer, hurrah!

You can either RSVP at the website or send an email with your name, phone number, and the number of people attending.

FRI 9/17

Cropduster, Ian Adams & The Ashes, James Keyes
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$7 / 21+

If you don't feel like heading to Inman Square for a cool show where you might get shut out, this gigi looks rather promising.

It looks like Ian Adams who has recently been making quieter music (that was slightly creepy and some having a vague vampire theme) after doing louder, horrorbilly stuff may be getting loud and heavy again with based on the bands that the Ashes have played with in the past (Roadsaw, Antler, Quintaine Americana).

The show will probably begin with folky/bluesy singer-songwriter James Keyes and includes the not quite prog-rock of Cropduster that has generally left me with a positive memory in the past.

FRI 9/17 (and SAT 9/18)

Deva Mahal
at The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, Boston (South End)

Every now and then, The Beehive hosts an artist that is exceptional enough to pay for overpriced drinks in lieu of a cover charge. Deva Mahal could probably sing excerpts from case law, and I'd still give it a listen.

This is when soulful, jazzy, funky singing should be described as sublime. Enjoy it now before you're embarrassed that it's playing in Starbucks and the like.

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