Friday, September 03, 2010

FRI 9/3 to MON 9/6: Lotta of Folkin' Music

More to come -- like the free museums, etc today and tomorrow. This was half ready to go, soooo...


FRI 9/3 to MON 9/6

Noon to Midnight-ish (FRI: 6pm start)
Campfire Festival
at Club Passim, 47 Palmer St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$10 per day / $25 all 4 days

Four days of folkish music. There is no open fire, so you can bring marshmallows but they won't burnt into crispy goo at Club Passim. The good news is that they now serve beer and wine after 50+ years.

The music starts at 6pm, but the festivities begin at noon over the next 3 days.

FRI 9/3:

6pm -- Joe Iadanza, Dietrich Strause, Philip Gibbs, Joe Baer Magnant
7:30pm -- The Whiskey Boys
8:15pm -- Meggfarrell's Whiskey Social
9pm -- The Olympic Symphonium
9:45pm -- The Callen Sisters
10:30pm --Ryan Fitzsimmons, Andrew Sloman, Jeremy Lyons, Brendan Hogan
SAT 9/4:
Noon -- Americana Ensemble
12:45pm -- Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade
1:30pm -- The White Ravens
2:15pm -- Addie Brownlee, Myra Flynn, Hayley Reardon, Brad Yoder
3:45pm -- The Olympic Symphonium
4:30pm -- Rebecca Correia, Lydia Warren, Adrien Reju, Sarah Rabdau
6pm -- Eric McDonald & Rebecca Wudarski, Jordan Tice, Courtney Hartman, Kellen Zakula
7:30pm -- We're About 9
8:15pm -- Jennah Bell, Julia Easterlin, Rose Polenzani, Bearkat
10pm -- Pesky J. Nixon
10:45pm -- Chris O'Brien, Robby Hecht, Mieka Pauley, Jason Myles Goss
SUN 9/5:
Noon -- Harpeth Rising
12:45pm -- E'lissa Jones, Laura Distasi, Sarah Renfro, Sierra West
2:15pm -- Katie Trautz & the Tall Boys
3pm -- Linda Draper
3:45pm -- Josh Caress, Liz Longley, Julie Rosenthal, Carrie Cheron
5:15pm -- Wooden Dinosaur
6pm -- Jenee Halstead, Jacqueline Francis, Amy Campbell, Sara Kamin
7:30pm -- Nini+Ben
8:15pm -- Ralston, Michael Troy, John Gerard, Sean Smith
9:45pm -- Pleasant Sweaters
10:30pm -- Laura Cortese, Rose Polenzani, Noam Weinstein, Jess Tardy
MON 9/6:
Noon -- Rob Laurens, Joel Ninesling, Lloyd Thayer, Joe Kowan
1:30pm -- Hightower Smith, Reed Waddle, Rob Morsberger, Steve Hartmann
3pm -- Rod Picott & Amanda Shires, Paul Janovitz, Marc Silver
4:15pm -- Gillian Grassie
5pm -- Barnaby Bright
5:45pm -- Tri
6:30pm -- Matt Heaton & The Electric Heaters
7:15pm -- Alec Spiegelman, Ben Davis, Audrey Ryan, Sylvie Lewis
8:45pm -- Tamsin Wilson, Rhainna Larocque, Jennah Bell
10pm -- Jimmy Ryan, Jabe Beyer, David Johnston, Ed Romanoff
When several performers are listed at the same time, it will usually be old-time "campfire" style where each takes the lead for a song or two.

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