Friday, March 16, 2012

3/17: Outside-of-Box St Paddy's Day Plan

Although I don't know most of you (and I wonder how many people I know actually read this), I like to make suggestions as if we're friends.

Saturday should be wonderful to be out and about, and it happens to be St Patrick's Day. The Bruins are also playing a day game. As a friend, I cannot in good conscience suggest going to any downtown bar.

Let me give you a frame of reference: I've seen lines outside of the Black Rose at 8am in years when it was actually cold -- St Paddy's fell on a weekday!

As mentioned earlier, I agree with the notion of leaving the bars to amateurs (and I think the hardcore Irish-Americans should be given elbow room to swing their pints around).

If you end up walking around Faneuil Hall and are stymied by the overflow of pukers in ridiculous green outfits, keep on walking and watch your step.

You know bars in Allston/Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, and JP will probably be at capacity too (and probably charging a cover). And do you really want to be the fresh face at any bar in Southie?

Consider making your own fun at a bar in the least Irish areas of town. I'm thinking Chinatown or Eastie.

How many people will pass up Jacob Wirth to hang at The Corner Pub (formerly Weggie's)? Not many.

Do you know what they're celebrating in Eastie tomorrow? They call it "Saturday".

Get on the Blue Line (Govt Center/State St/Aquarium), and you're a few minutes from places like Eddie C's that's right in Maverick Square or Trainor's Cafe just a block or so further.

Kelly's Square Pub is a little further than that, and you might want to get off at Wood Island if you're going to try the Cosmopolitan.

There are some non-St Patrick's ideas on the CTB calendar too.

Regarding the parade on Sunday, it is fun to soak up the atmosphere. It's even better if know someone having a house party. Kudos to the folks who aren't allowed in the traditional parade for following with the St. Patrick's Peace Parade.

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