Saturday, March 03, 2012

SAT 3/3: Day Cheapness

Boston Urban Iditarod
Maple syrup, shopping cart races, free ice skating, and a nationally-known comedian... Crazy, huh?

And it looks a bit like winter...


SAT 3/3

10am to 2pm
Annual Somerville Maple Syrup Boil Down
at Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Cambridge (Union Sq)

Feat: Animal Farm (11am, Noon)

I think some of the Somerville maple people maybe peeved by my snarky remarks in previous years. I bet maple syrup from the 'Ville is delicious, but it doesn't conjure pristine images of Vermont or Canada.

If you go today, you can see the final step of the process and test the most local syrup possible before you buy it.

Have some rural fun, bring the kids, listen to some tunes in 30-minute segments, and maybe leave with something for tomorrow's breakfast while supporting local youth programs.

SAT 3/3

11am to 3pm
"2nd Annual Last Bostonian Skating"
at Kendall Square Community Ice Skating, 300 Athenaeum St, Cambridge

Within a short walk from the Kendall T station, there's a skating rink that's almost as big as the Frog Pond where the skating and rentals are free today. It's the first event of Taste of Iceland Boston 2012.

Other fun includes Icelandic music previews for tonight's Paradise gig and maybe a little lamb stew.

As I can tell, there will be teams who will compete in various games while the rest of us watch and skate for free.

There may be a chance to win a trip to Iceland, but there's a lot of philanthropic angles today. I suspect you might be solicited for a contribution for the Children's Hospital Boston and Icelandair's Special Children's Travel Fund.

SAT 3/3

11:30am to 3pm
2nd Annual Boston Urban Iditarod
start/finish at Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St, Cambridge
FREE to watch

There is a day-drinking spectator sport event as about 60 shopping-cart sled teams race around Cambridge bars on a route that has stops -- and challenges -- at Asgard (Central Sq), Tommy Doyle's (Kendall Sq), Middle East (Central Sq), MeadHall (Kendall Sq), and back to Ryles.

The order is a mystery, but you could watch and have a laugh. The winning team is expected to finish around 2:30pm.

It's a benefit for the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry, so grab any can from your pantry and bring it along (to be nice).

SAT 3/3

Michael Ian Black, "You’re Not Doing It Right": Reading
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

It looks like there are still tickets available, so let's review why you would go. If Michael Ian Black rocks your world more than your boyfriend or girlfriend -- comedically -- then you've already bought the block or ticket.

Others recognize the guy is hilarious but don't really want to spend $25/$30 to see his show, so they want to get $5 worth of funny even if he's trying to sell his book.

Order your ticket online or go across the street to Brookline Booksmith.

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