Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Calendar

More to come...

Perhaps tonight would be a good opportunity to go to your favorite bar, because it's very likely going to be packed tomorrow.

Luke O'Neil nailed St. Paddy's Day in the Metro this week. I'll have my Saturday options up soon, but gird your loins if you think going to a bar on a sunny, 54° St. Patrick's Day on a weekend!

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Eventworks2012 said...

Hi Rob! I tried to email this to but it bounced back?

First, I would like to thank you for posting about ShareFair back in December! I met someone at our event who said they found out about ShareFair on 'some blog called cheapthrillsboston'! She had just moved to Boston and was looking for cheap, interesting things to do. I was so psyched, as we are a student-run production group from a very tight-knit community, which sometimes makes us exclusive. Eventworks 2012's mission was to foster new communities and create innovative experiences for the many creative folk in the area. Thank you for sending people in our direction back in December. We love the concept, time and effort you have put into Cheap Thrills.

We are having a four event extravaganza in April called The Festival of Narratives. All but one event is free. We would love for Cheap Thrills to write, post, and join our events! Chapter II, III and IV are the free and open to the public events. Please read our press release on our blog for more details:

Thanks! Happy cheap hunting this Spring!