Saturday, March 24, 2012

SAT 3/24: Day Cheapness

I would recommend screenings of the Irish Film Festival, but the films I like have sold out.

Maybe you want to see classic "The Quiet Man" tomorrow and/or the new documentary about the film directly afterwards.


SAT 3/24

1pm to 5pm
COF@15 Performing Arts Festival
at Various Colleges in the Fenway

It would be nice to say this is going to be an eye-opening trek along a Fenway row of colleges, but I think it's going to be a slightly disorganized series of 100 performances at 15 locations (at 6 schools). Some time between yesterday afternoon and this morning, a schedule has been posted.

As an example, a rather good Emmanuel College-based Boston blog barely knows anything about this thing.

Go if you feel like poking around Wheelock College, Simmons College, Emmanuel College, MassArt, & Wentworth Institute of Technology. Maybe take a walk around the Fens and dart out occasionally.

(There may be a roving flash mob around 3pm.)

SAT 3/24

2pm, 4pm
"A Celebration of 10 Years of Science Writing at MIT": Symposium
at Room 141, Stata Center, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge (MIT campus)

2pm to 3:30pm
"Attention and Memory: How the Brain Does What It Does"

4pm to 5:30pm
"Fifty Years Ahead: Imagining Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, & Molecular Biology in 2062"
At first, I was wondering if there was a program for sci-fi writers at MIT, then I read it again and was slightly disappointed when it's actually writing about the scientific world in a way that everyone can appreciate.

Talking about writing may be as interesting as miming about architecture, but several professors will be on each panel so you might learn something anyway.

SAT 3/24 (thru SAT 3/31)

Various Times
"Glengarry Glen Ross"
at Loeb Drama Center, Experimental Theatre, 64 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
SAT 3/24 -- 2:30pm, 7:30pm
SUN 3/25 -- 2:30pm
FRI 3/30 -- 7:30pm
SAT 3/31 -- 2:30pm, 7:30pm
As someone who only occasionally sees live theatre, I envision David Mamet's play set in a vicious sales office (that might be a microcosm of larger society) as the movie with the all-star cast of old guys like Pacino, Lemmon, Arkin, Spacey, Baldwin, etc.

Why not see how the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club handles it? You don't have to pay, and you might be able to reserve tickets by email. (It would be good idea to give your name, preferred performance date, and number of tickets.)

SAT 3/24

3pm to 4:30pm
WICF 2012 Headliners Talk Comedy: "Tales from the Biz and More"
at Cambridge YWCA, 7 Temple St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Feat: Carol Leifer, Wendy Liebman, Erin Jackson, Kelly MacFarland, Erin Judge, more

Moderator: Joyce Kulhawik

There may not be other CTB-priced events for the Women in Comedy Festival today or tomorrow, but the bigger performers are talking to under-appreciated Boston arts & entertainment maven Joyce Kulhawik.

The concept of having a festival to celebrate female comedic contributions may make more sense when you hear the experiences of many successful comediennes.

Since it's slightly off the beaten path, the venue is NOT the YMCA.

SAT 3/24

Chris Matthews, "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero": Reading
at Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard St, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

Irish-American Catholic guy who graduated from Holy Cross Chris Matthews is usually more entertaining when he's excited and outraged. Some may enjoy his reverential side as he talks about this new book about President Kennedy.

Since it's only a couple blocks away from the Booksmith, the JFK National Historic Site will open out of season from 1pm to 5pm today.

SAT 3/24

Dimitris Dalakoglou, "Revolt and Crisis in Greece": Discussion
at Lucy Parsons Center, 358A Centre St, Jamaica Plain

Sussex University professor Dimitris Dalakoglou has been active in the Occupy London group and has co-edited an anthology that analyzes the protest movement in Greece since the powder keg was lit in 2008.

The anarchist, dissident perspective is not heard through most news resources, so this is one of those chances to hear it.

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