Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Advance Notice 8/13: Free Drinks 'n Stuff

"Midnight in the Garden of Agave" Party
at Jose McIntyre's, 160 Milk St, Boston (Financial District)

Who knows why Sauza wants us to have Hornitos drinks on them... Maybe it seems like a good business plan after drinking lots of tequila!

I see the meeting going something like this:

Hombre #1: Can we get hula hoop dancers?
Hombre #2: Si, we can.

Hombre #1: Can we get a contortionist?
Hombre #2: Si, we can.

Hombre #1: What do you think about a tarot card reader?
Hombre #2: Eh, why not...

Hombre #1: Want another shot of Hornitos?
Hombre #2: Sure!

Hombre #1: Hey -- let's do it in Boston at a Irish-Mexican bar.
Hombre #2: Hahaha!
So what if the event is called "Midnight..." and starts at 9pm. Would you rather wait 3 hours for free tequila? BTW, there is supposed to be hula hoop dancers, a contortionist, and a tarot card reader.

It's a Stuff party, so everyone who wants to go needs to RSVP. Their emails aren't really that bad, and you might see these things before I tell you about it.

Stuff is not the greatest free magazine in the world, but they arrange parties with free drinks. I salute them. (And one-finger salute them for not letting me in once -- even though I RSVP'ed...)

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