Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sneak Peek: SAT 8/22 -- Fun with Water Guns

For two years in a row, there are TWO water battles in town -- and they're happening on the same day. Hurricane Bill may be threatening our shores this weekend, but I sense he won't ruin to hot 'n wet fun.

The approaches differ, but both will be fun. Every has fun with water guns -- until the rare gouging of the eye...

I don't know if one would really want to do both, however the timing is feasible even with a mystery location for battle #2.

11:45am to 12:15pm
Allston Squirt Gun Day 2
at Intersection of Brighton Ave & Harvard Ave (about 150 Brighton Ave), Allston

This is the easy one: no registration or secret location.

Show up about 15 minutes before noon on one of the four corners -- y'know... near Blanchard's, Big City Billiards, Store 24, and Herrell's (which isn't Herrell's anymore).

Everyone floods the intersection at noon with water guns and and water balloons for about 15 (or more) minutes. It supposedly lasted for almost a half-hour last year before the cops broke it up.

This is a chance to keep "Allston weird". I love the idea of the traffic stopping once a year for some harmless fun. The drawback with announcing the time and location is that the police will be there to ruin the fun whenever they feel like it.

- Wear green so it's easy to tell who's participating.
- Be respectful to non-participants.
- Be creative
- Have fun.

Revolutionary Water Gun Battle
at Somewhere around Boston [Location will be in registration email]

Most war reenactments are boring compared to these campaigns led by Banditos Misteriosos.

Last year, more than 300 folks donned red or blue shirts for an epic water battle on the Esplanade.

It's easy to register for the event by entering your name and email, so they can split the group into the British soldiers (red) and the Colonials (blue). They're also looking for people with revolutionary soldier costumes and drums & fifes players (who won't get wet).

The deadline is: 6pm on FRI 8/21. You'll get an email later on Friday night with the battlefield location and your shirt color.

Supplies you should bring:
- 1 UNLOADED water gun of your choice.
- At least 3 FILLED two-liter bottles
- A back-pack to hold water bottles
- Red or blue shirt (depending on army assignment)
- Any other revolutionary paraphernalia you don’t mind getting wet
- As always, your fighting vigor and a bandana!

I'm not going to guess about the location this year, but it'll probably be some kind of water source. The Esplanade was a brilliant location since people could refill in the Charles and prolong the fun.

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