Friday, August 07, 2009

FRI 8/7: Opera, Film, Art, Shakespeare, Rock

Wow, today is a beautiful day. We should've already had about 20 or 25 days like this already! It looks like a good weekend to be outside...

Update: Whoops! Something funny happened with the post order...

I also added a few more to the Free Movies page.


FRI 8/7 to SUN 8/9

The Opera Factory: Cosi Fan Tutte
at Cloud Place, 647 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)

A group of 18 teens from around Boston have been working for five weeks to create a music-and-art performace of Mozart's opera. There's another production of Cosi Fan Tutte, but this one is free...

The exhibition opens at 6pm, and the hour-long performance begins at 7pm.

On SUN 8/9: Exhibition opens at 2pm; performance begins at 3pm

FRI 8/7

"The Cove"
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline

I get the feeling this documentary may get a lot of attention in the weeks and months to come as it exposes massive cruelty to dolphins in Japanese waters. More than most non-fiction film, it's supposed to be a nail-biter as many of the team of activists put their lives at risk to gather the evidence.

Iain Kerr of The Ocean Alliance will participate in a post-screening discussion, but it's showing at a couple theaters in the area.

FRI 8/7

8pm to Midnight
"Paint Pens & Pet Monsters": Reception
at Fourth Wall Project / Gas Station Gallery, 1305 Boylston St, Boston (near Fenway Park)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+ (donations encouraged)

Feat: Jessica Hess, Veronica Hebard, Allison Bamcat, Mykim Dang, Illy, Tofusquirrel, Rich Millionaire, Morgan Thomas, Shayna Shenanigans, more

I mentioned this the other day. Maybe you can still RSVP... It should be a fun time.

FRI 8/7

"The Comedy Of Errors"
at Parkman Bandstand, about 165 Tremont St, Boston (Boston Common)

This feels like a perfect night for Shakespeare and a box of wine with that "special someone" or potential "special someone"!

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company have taken one of the Bard's early farces about two pairs of identical twins separated at birth and set it in Miami South Beach of the '30s. It's still the original text, but they inject Latin flavor all over the place.

Have a few laughs with a culture and sabor caliente...

Shows run through SUN 8/16 from Tuesdays to Sundays -- 8pm on most nights, 7pm on Sundays. Additional performances on SUN 8/9 (1pm) and WED 8/12 (12:30pm).

FRI 8/7

The Saucy Jacks, Thick Shakes, Babydriver
at Washington Street Art Center, 321 Washington St, Somerville (near Union Sq)

For some reason, it seems like few awesome San Francisco rock bands tour through Boston. Maybe it's the 3,000+ miles of driving, but I know they have a damn good scene out there. Whenever you see a clever Spinal Tap reference like the band name, you give The Saucy Jacks extra points though they don't really need it. This pretty sweet garage-pop that harkens back to 60's mod vibe of early Kinks/Who.

Thick Shakes reside in a similar time period of garage-rock, but they've got a dirtier, primal attack. I was shocked to see that David Thorpe, currently one of the biggest a-holes in music criticism, actually gave them a mostly positive review. So put that in your pipe and smoke it... I still haven't heard Babydriver, but it looks like the main guy used to be in Hats and Glasses -- to get an idea.

From what I've heard, there's a chance it might actually start around 8pm... "Plus, there will be refreshments." Am not sure if any beverages will be of the 'fermented grain or wine' variety, but I'd like think so.

Before during or after the rocking, take a look at Meghan Bernal's exhibit, "You'll never return yet you will go back."

FRI 8/7

Faster & Louder (11pm), Clock Strikes Ten (10pm), All Mod Cons (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

This is going to be an amazing night of music, since some of the best players in town will throw down the rock hammer over three classic albums by three great bands: The Dictators, Cheap Trick, and The Jam.

When listening to The Dictators, it was difficult for me to get into them. It's obvious they had a major influence on thousands of bands like the The Stooges and The Ramones; the music was there, but the recordings didn't blow me away. As I lurk on several discussion boards, Johnny Black (guitarist/ringleader of Faster & Louder) addressed this:

...I agree about the production on the first two but that's why I chose Bloodbrothers - to my ears the production is pretty spare and captures one of the greatest American hard rock bands of all time at their peak. It's sounds like you're in the room with them or seeing them at a small club...
Besides Johnny, the band includes the singer from Unnatural Axe, a guitarist from Gang Green, and the rhythm section of The Neighborhoods. This is a killer band with great material! The Dictators themselves have given their "thumbs up", but I hope they don't wear Yankees hats.

It's a bit harder to pin down Clock Strikes Ten who're doing "In Color" by Cheap Trick; the drummer from Faster & Louder/The Nieghborhoods is joined by some of The Rudds (including singer John Powhida) and maybe others.

Why not kick it off with our local yet internationally-appreciated Jam tribute band, All Mod Cons, performing their namesake album. It's almost like Paul Weller singing "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" for you...

FRI 8/7

Quixote, Rococo La Boy, The Crushing Low, Coalmine Canary
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$8 -21+ / $11 -18+

Under usual circumstances, I'd probably be more enthusiastic about this set of somewhat eclectic indie-rock. I like Quixote... Take a few listens and make up your own mind.

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