Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Advance Notice, 8/6 & 8/7: RSVP for Art

I love art receptions. It's possible to talk to the artists, while usually enjoying a glass or two of wine...

THUR 8/6

5pm to 7:30pm
"Woodstock 40th Anniversary Celebration"
at International Poster Gallery, 205 Newbury St, Boston (Back Bay)

Everything "Woodstock" is getting the 40th anniversary treatment. (Woodstock... Landing on the Moon... 1969 was a pretty big year.) One of the iconic images of the festival is the poster.

The designer Arnold Skolnick will be here, and he'll talk around 6pm. You can hear his story and see some of the original posters and the Skolnick-designed anniversary poster. (Both are available for purchase and signing.)

I don't know if they're still accepting RSVP, but it wouldn't hurt to send them an email with your name.

FRI 8/7

8pm to Midnight
"Paint Pens & Pet Monsters": Reception
at Fourth Wall Project / Gas Station Gallery, 1305 Boylston St, Boston (near Fenway Park)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+ (donations encouraged)

Feat: Jessica Hess, Veronica Hebard, Allison Bamcat, Mykim Dang, Illy, Tofusquirrel, Rich Millionaire, Morgan Thomas, Shayna Shenanigans, more

In the past year Shayna Shenanigans has organized several art shows at various locations under Paint Pens in Purses. Each show generally features a difierent group of female artists. It's an "all-female urban art collective" but seems more about empowerment than exclusivity.

There will be some very cool drawings/paintings/photos to see. It's not so much of the Renaissance-style historical/mythological symbolism-that-requires-footnotes, and more cool/funky/colorful "that's awesome!" artwork.

Since they've already exhibited at a restaurant, a storefront, a liquor store, and a dance club; they might as well go for a gas station. It happens to be the secondary location of the Fourth Wall Project at the corner of Boylston and Yawkey Way.

It sounds like there will be hipster beer and vodka & red bull to get the party lubricated along with DJ Doc Klaw. So throw a few bucks into the basket (or whatever) to support the arts...

FYI: It sounds like you will need to be on the list of people who RSVP'ed to get in.

There is a clip from the LAB Boston party to give you an idea of the event, but I like the time-lapse video of the window being painted:

(Thanks, Frank & Chevon!)

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