Monday, August 03, 2009

MON 8/3: Art & Film

Miles Davis, by Ian Root
Tonight's subtitle could be "places where you can see interesting things and not have to pay for air-conditioning."

Btw: I apologize to those who went to the Phoenix/FNX concert on Saturday. I read that Metric did an acoustic set, which sounds a bit disappointing.


MON 8/3

6pm to 8pm
"Sound Off": Reception
at Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, Cambridge (between Central Sq & Inman Sq)

Artist Halsey Burgund always creates something interesting that has a participatory aspect that draws in people who might not usually care about art. They're often the building blocks of his projects.

You may have seen the pleasant fellow at street festivals like Harvard's Mayfair with his "Bring Your Own Voice" booth. Anyone willing to sit down and share some thoughts could end up in Burgund's output as he creates soundscapes from the recordings. What the listener hears is much more than exposition over music.

"Sound Off" is a multi-media exhibition where Halsey guided a group of young people through the process of recording interviews with Cantabrigians and creating their own work. The exhibit runs through TUES 9/15 (with a closing reception on 9/14).

MON 8/3

"Kill Bill, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2": Double Feature
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline

If you missed last week's run at the Brattle, there's another chance to watch Uma Thurman kick ass and take name on the big screen in its full 4-hour-plus glory (with an intermission).

Both halves work as Tarantino films with the humorous dialogue and the usually heavy borrowing on cinematic influences -- but it's really best to watch them together. The injection of Uma Thurman as the bad-ass killing machine seeking revenge is what elevates the action scenes and the movie as a whole.

I guess we may never know if David Carradine died from auto-erotic self-asphyxiation, but that'll probably be a part of Hollywood trivia forever.

MON 8/3

"OUTside the Box": Opening Reception
at Huret & Spector Gallery, Tufte Center, 6th Floor, 10 Boylston Place, Boston (entrance down "the Alley")

Boston's Queer Women of Color and Friends are presenting their second annual multi-culti pride festival. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to check out the week-long exhibit, "OUTside the Box: a Queer People of Color Visual Artist Exhibit," that features local LGBT artists in a wide array of media.

There are events through SUN 8/9, many are "cheap" or free.

MON 8/3

Ian Root: Art Opening
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

These are just drawings; they're more like drawings that have been scanned, photoshopped, and drawn again. I don't know if this exhibit is going to be a combination of robots, samurais, and historic jazz musicians. (I'd like to see the jazzbos.) Ian's prints are for sale on his site for very reasonable prices. You can probably chat with him tonight.

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