Friday, June 17, 2011

SAT 6/18: Water Gun Fight... Somewhere...

FYI: There is Friday & Saturday stuff on the calendar. More to come...


SAT 6/18

Water Gun Fight 2011: The Battle for Boston
Location: TBA

Registration strongly recommended.

Last year, the theme was time travel. Another year, it was a twisted revolutionary war thing.

I love the topical nature of this year's water fight: Since popular political figures can't get Boston history right, let's have an alternate history battle.

In a recreation of the famous confrontation between the Back Bay Swamp Creatures and the Revere Horse Men, we'll find out who should've really controlled the signing of the Boston Constitution...

Maybe you'll learn something you didn't know (or couldn't know)...

The Swamp Creatures will be the green army. The Horse Men will be the brown army. But be creative, because that's more fun.

Supplies you should bring:

- 1 water gun of your choice.
- At least 2 FILLED two-liter bottles
- A back-pack to hold water bottles
- "Fighting vigor and a love of Boston's history"

As I've said before, expect somewhere with a water source to refill -- because why not keep the party rolling? And it's probably going to be somewhere relatively easy to go by T.

Registration requested before 6pm on Friday. (It helps, so just do it if you're going.) You'll likely get the location slightly before it's posted at midnight.


(Rain Date: Sunday 6/19)

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