Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THUR 6/23: RSVP for Roller Party

A brief Wednesday post is coming, and cheapness through Friday is on the calendar.


9pm to Midnight
"Down & Derby": Roller Party
at North Star, 22 Friend St, Boston (near North Station)
FREE $5-ish w/ RSVP

Feat: DJs 7L & Knife, Saucy Lady

Update: It looks like there may be a $5 cover (not 100% confirmed).

That's right. Someone finally had the guts to fianlly bring roller-skating into a bar!

Why do it? Why not?

They do have a smooth-ish concrete floor, and I think there may be a sturdy rail around bar...

You don't have to skate (rentals will be available), however most people are going to gain a few inches of height advantage on you.

On the other hand, it could be rather hilarious to see people struggling if they haven't skated in years.

Although I normally wouldn't "club" here, this seems like a fun time. FYI: It's a pretty good meal option that's neither fancy nor a slice of pizza.

You might even end in Saucy Lady's music video, who is a DJ and singer-songwriter. (I just pictured a woman with an acoustic turntable hanging from a strap.)

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