Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Advance Notice: 11/12 -- DIY Gift Swap

2pm to 3pm
Do-It-Yourself Gift Swap 2011
at Location TBA at midnight Friday

I should've posted this much earlier, but you still have time to make something that says, "My name is _________. I'm really [good/bad] at making stuff, and I love it!"

This is the 4th annual gift swap organized by those crafty flashmobbers Banditos Misteriosos, and the theme is "Homecoming Dance":

We'll provide the ambiance, the bad 90's music, and the smarmy photographer; you provide the embarrassing memories of years past, the awkward small-talk... and, of course, the gifts!
There is more details on their website and Facebook, but the basic premise is: You bring a wrapped home-made item, and (through some peculiar machinations) you will end with a different item as your gift.

Note the "DIY" aspect of the event, so don't just wrap any piece of crap laying around -- unless you made it. Actually, their suggestions of good gifts include something you knitted or painted or even a mix CD.

As usual, the location will be revealed at midnight before the event and will be T-friendly.

You don't have to get into character, but you'll probably have a better time by dressing up in some way.

There are some pix from a previous gift-swap on Flickr, if you're interested.

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