Wednesday, November 02, 2011

SAT 11/5: Wanna Be on "MasterChef"?

10am to 6pm
MasterChef Casting Call
at Le Cordon Bleu, 215 First St, Cambridge (East Cambridge/Cambridgeside)
* Your heartache & tears -- plus ingredient costs

Unless you really, really, REALLY got the cooking chops and a compelling life story, you don't have a chance of getting on the show.

I know a North Shore guy who is a seriously awesome cook and has a great personality. He would've been entertaining to watch on TV and can transform ingredients to a higher plane, but he didsn't have the narrative that this program is looking for.

If you're a recovering addict... If you're 1st-generation immigrant... If you're a MIT scientist who wants to change professions... If your chef-parent doesn't think you're good enough... Etc, etc, then you have a shot to make your dream come true.

If so, then:

* Pre-register online
* Fill out the PDF application
* Bring a current photo of yourself
* Bring a photo of your plated dish
* Bring your food/ingredients to be finished and plated once you enter the audition room.
Will you meet Gordon Ramsay? I have no idea (probably 50-50 or less)...

Otherwise make a nice meal for your loved ones and consider yourself ahead on the deal.


HutchMan said...

Came across your site. I'm in town until Saturday. Any recommendations for cheap eats. Preferably places with large portion...will travel...currently staying on Harvard's campus. I'm here from Atlanta and there are tons of places that are half off during a certain time or half off at the bar. Anything like that will help...thx!

rob v said...

Hey Hutchman,

There are places that have deals on various nights/times; I wish I knew of a comprehensive list... I can't vouch for every one, but The Food Monkey has a chart of some spots.

Grendel's near Harvard has a half-price menu from 5pm to 7:30pm.

My favorite cheap eat is Galleria Umberto in North End. They open for lunch and close when the food is gone. (Go to Ernesto's if it's closed.)

Pinocchio's is a really good pizza deal tucked in Harvard Square.

I like Anna's, but there are a lot of burrito places around town.

HutchMan said...

...much love rob v! thanks for the suggestions. What's the big deal here with sandwiches, everybody keeps recommending them. Surely Boston has more to offer than bred and meat :)

rob v said...

Well, today is "National Sandwich Day"...

I think this is a good town for seafood. (No Name is straightforward and relatively inexpensive -- Court House Seafood too, but it lacks a harbor view.)