Friday, November 04, 2011

Saturday Short Preview

I wonder if many folks will be wearing "V for Vendetta"/Anonymous masks at Occupy Boston tomorrow. Apparently Guy Fawkes' Day used to be big in town...

See the calendar for more Saturday & Sunday cheapness.


There's a lot of art to see this weekend: Southie, Fenway, Waltham, Somerville, Roslindale, as well as North End & South End.

Do you like to wax poetic about The Immortal Bard? (And I don't mean the 17th Earl of Oxford.) There is some daytime storytelling in Davis Square.

The movie "Oxy-Morons" isn't as polished as "The Town", but the realistic story is served generally well by actors who are mainly real townies. There's a screening/party at Royale.

There are several cheap rock shows tomorrow night too. So hard to pick a favorite...

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