Monday, November 28, 2011

MON 11/28: Bin Laden, Food, Rock

Am posting an abbreviated list before it gets too late. There are a couple more Monday options on the calendar.

I didn't find out much about MassArt's exhibit "Questionable Crumpets", but there's an opening reception tonight from 6pm to 8pm at the Doran Gallery [PDF map]. Intriguing elements: 1) a reference to M.F.K. Fisher and 2) refreshments provided by the 'Food & Art' class.


MON 11/28

6pm to 7:30pm
Nicholas Schmidle, "The Hunt for bin Laden": Lecture
at Room 008, Devlin Hall, 140 Comm Ave, Chestnut Hill (BC campus)

Schmidle wrote a detailed article about the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. There were some people that doubted all of the information, and he has tried to defend himself.

This is a chance to hear it from him and maybe ask that killer question that makes him crack.

MON 11/28

7pm to 9pm
Bill Yosses, "Lip Smackin' Science: Crystals, Emulsions, Foams, and Pink Vanilla Cupcakes": Lecture
at Science Center, Hall C, 1 Oxford St, Cambridge (Harvard campus)

Sure, it could be cool to hear the White House's executive pastry chef talk about food science. (You can watch his 2010 appearance on >YouTube and elsewhere.)

This is also a reminder to the foolhardy that tickets for Ferran Adria's lecture on SUN 12/4 will become available tomorrow at the >Harvard Box Office. Good luck...

MON 11/28

>Thick Shakes, >Radio Control, >Squall
at >Charlie's Kitchen, 10 Eliot St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$5 / 21+

If I were to go to a rock show tonight, I'd head to Charlie's. I'd probably get there early, enjoy a few beverages, and hope that I could pick a few songs on the jukebox and hear them before the bands go on.

If the Thick Shakes are playing a gig, it's worthwhile to go just for their contemporary take on old-school garage-rock that may lay waste across your ears, but you'll admiringly bounce around the room.

From what I hear, you won't be disappointed by Radio Control and Squall.

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