Saturday, November 19, 2011

SAT 11/19: Daytime Cheapness

Brickbottom Open Studios, today and tomorrow
Well, Friday was not my day.

On the bright side, I'm here on Saturday.

(Sunday cheapness on the calendar.)


SAT 11/19 (and SUN 11/20)

Noon to 6pm
Annual Open Studios
at Brickbottom Studios, 1 Fitchburg St, Somerville (near Twin City Plaza)
at Joy Street Studios, 86 Joy St, Somerville (near Union Sq)

About 50 to 60 artists in each of the studios will open their doors to show you their stuff. Expect to see a wide variety of styles and media. My theory is that the art is more creative when the studio location is grimy and unpleasant.

The 2 buildings are only a couple blocks away. It might be easier to approach from Union Square, but there are (easy-to-miss) stairs if you take the train to Lechmere and walk over the bridge.

SAT 11/19

12:30pm to 5pm
"Cyberspace and Civic Space"
at Robsham Theater Arts Center, 140 Comm Ave, Chestnut Hill (BC campus)

12:30pm -- Introductions
12:45pm -- "The Political Impact of the Internet"
2:15pm -- "The Social Impact of the Internet"
3:15pm -- "The Cultural Impact of the Internet"
Besides making this little blog available, the Internet has changed your lives in a variety of ways. Many informed and opinionated panelists will discuss for about 50 minutes then there's 25 minutes of audience questions.

I'd suggest registering online, but I doubt they'd reject if there is space... (I assume one can show up at 2:15pm or 3:15pm?)

SAT 11/19

Shaquille O'Neal, "Shaq Uncut: My Story": Book Signing
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of space for easy sight lines. You might still be able to see "The Big Shamrock" and yell something at him. Or you could buy the book. The nitty-gritty info:
This is a book signing only.

Customers who wish to join the signing line must have at least one copy of Shaq: Uncut with proof of purchase from Harvard Book Store.

Shaq will not be personalizing books or signing any materials other than the book.

Photographs can only be taken from the line, Shaq will not be posing for pictures.
I imagine you could make him smile by insulting Kobe Bryant while he's signing you book.

SAT 11/19

"There Will Be Words": New Play Workshop
at Trident Booksellers & Cafe, 338 Newbury St, Boston (Back Bay)

How often do you get to give feedback to the playwright after seeing the work performed? I might recognize David Mamet if I saw him, but I wouldn't want to receive a disgusted glare.

After readings of "The Watchmaker" and "The Hollow Men", Greg Davis will be ready to talk about the plays and hear your thoughts, questions, etc.

The Vagabond Theatre Group is probably presenting this in the back of the room where they also serve tasty food and drink (including beer & wine). This could be a good, low-key evening of cultural entertainment.

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