Thursday, October 16, 2008

Recent Bostonist Stuff

Sabina Sciubba, Brazilian GirlsAlgonquin Club swizzle stick

I really thought I'd write more stuff for Bostonist, but I'm trying to keep this thing current and do the other stuff in my life. Maybe I can drive some of my massive traffic their way.

Anyway... these items don't really fit here, but some of you might be interested:

Do you like Brazilian Girls? I interviewed Sabina (the only girl in the band). I wish we could've been in the same room; it would've been a better interview. C'est la vie.

Everyone loves a Clark Rockefeller story. I went to a wedding at the Algonquin Club and bugged people about him until someone told me he was a nut.

BTW: You wouldn't believe how close I am to having a full weekly Cheap Thrills list! Stay tuned.

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