Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TUES 5/26: Talks & NOLA meets Morphine

So, we're one day closer to the weekend.

I'm pretty sure that culinary legend Jasper White reads this blog, so I just want to say:
Hey, J. From one lobster-lover to another, it was cool to see you walking through Davis Square. I didn't want to bother you (didn't want to miss the start of the movie), but it seemed like the mutual head-nodding worked for both. Take care.


TUES 5/26

Hal Niedzviecki, "The Peep Diaries": Discussion & Signing
at Harvard Coop, Level 3, 1400 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

Maybe you may not want to read a whole book, but novelist/essayist Hal Niedzviecki may share new (or confirm existing) perspectives how people share the details of their lives via reality TV, Internet, etc in a humorous way.

TUES 5/26

Greg Skomal, "Sharks in New England: A Closer Look"
at Harborside Learning Lab, New England Aquarium, 1 Central Wharf, Boston (Waterfront)

Great white sharks don't terrorize summer tourists as they did in "Jaws" and the sequels, but they really swim around our waters. A shark specialist with Mass Marine Fisheries probably won't scare the crap out of you, but you'll hear some natural history of the toothsome fishies and how we currently study them.

Apparently there is a "learning lab" in the parking garage, and this is where the shark chat is happening tonight. The program should last about an hour with a reception afterwards. It would be a good idea to register to ensure admission.

TUES 5/26

Jeremy Lyons w/ Dana Colley & Jerome Dupree
at Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, Cambridge (near Inman & Kendall Sq)

Like other expats of New Orleans, Jeremy Lyons has decided to settle in the spot where he landed after Hurricane Katrina. All of his gigs are a treat from the Crescent City whether solo acoustic or some kind of band. It's an extra tasty blues when he gets together with the sax-drums superduo of Dana Colley and Jerome Dupree who also played together for years in various projects including a little ol' band by the name of Morphine...

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